Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is my fear? What am I afraid of?

I am very afraid, I am trying to pinpoint what is making me sick to my stomach right now. It's 1:10am and I have been worrying since I received a phone call at 12:10am. Phone call was from ex V, I let it go to voice mail, and it was to let me know that my ex-husband had phoned him and he had gotten off the phone "an hour ago" I am assuming he said that to insinuate that it was a long phone call. He didn't say what the call was about, just that I should start letting my ex-husband know how the girls are.

????? WTF?????

Ok, my ex-husband called ex V.. so does that mean ex-husband believes what was in the email? the email that made me out to be a liar, an abuser, and mentally unstable.
And how did ex-husband get ex V's phone number? I think that ex V has been sending emails that weren't also sent to me like the evil one on Sunday night.

What is my fear?

1. I think I am scared the my ex-husband is going to try something regarding the girls, try and have them leave me. Ex-husband's wife has made certain that her ex doesn't have anything to do with her son, so they are very aware of how to manipulate to get what they want.

Is my fear warranted?

Yesterday I would have said no, but now knowing that my ex-husband has phoned ex V, I think I should be worried that something is going to happen.

2. I am worried that this isn't going to end. I contacted the police again tonight and asked them if I had worded my email to ex V correctly.

On Sunday September 21st 2008, I requested that you make no further contact with me, my children, my family and friends, and since that request you have written three emails and made one phone call.

Please be advised that if you make any further contact of any form for any reason, including a reply to this email, I will be going to the police to request an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)

This is apparently perfectly worded and enough warning. But I am thinking I might go to the Chamber Magistrate and try to do something now.

Is my fear warranted?

I think sending this email will be enough to make him stop all contact.
If not, then I get an AVO and I will be able to get letters from Prince William and my Doc if needed.

If he and my ex want to become best friends then so be it, I hope they'll be very happy together. If ex-husband tries to take the girls because of false information from ex-V, then he wont get far.

I feel better mentally, physically I feel ill
How do I sleep now? I was soundly asleep before ex V called
There's nothing but crap on tv!


Anchell said...

Email ex and tell him whats going on, save a copy and just leave it alone.

Its all bullshit anyway so what can he do?


The asshole is doing his damndest to play with your head ....dont let him

Jewell said...

i totally agree with Shell, you have taken his comtrol away from him so this is the only way he knows to try and get it back...keep strong we're all here for you lol

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Anchell, you are alllowing to be played.....some men get their power from putting women in a position of fear, but you have to LET them do that to yo are your reactions, even though very warranted ( you are a caring mother with real fears for your kids ) you are also working yourself into a frenzy ( although you know what these guys are capable of and we do not ) one will take your children away from have been caring and raising them and they know the truth about you no matter what bullshit is stirred up by others..don't let this intimidate you...
As usual the Goddess always chooses to test us when we feel that we have become strong.You have grown, yes you have, and know the Goddes is saying..."show me how much!".....Dont let this drive you back...let it be an opportunity for you to find a way round this....w.w.

Lisa said...

basically you dont know what the phone call between ex and V was about, so dont do your head in trying to surmise- for all we know, ex may have rung him to tell him to f*** off and stop harrassing him.

V is not going to let loose easily Tania and i think we all know that- when someone brings fire to a fight you can only fight it with fire- one more word from him and you MUST AVO the asshole.

I dont know anything about your past relationship with your ex and his relationship with his daughters, so i cant comment. Only you know if everything in that part of your life is as fair and balanced as it should be, and if it is then you have nothing to fear nor stress about- if its not then maybe this will give you the opportunity to address that.

Overall- view yourself as a huge , strong fortress in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the worst storm in recorded history.

The waves crash, the thunder, lightening and hail rain down, but the tower stands strong- nothing can even dent it.

make yourself this tower-absolutly rooted to the spot- Ex is but a bit of hail and V is a bit of lightening.

They cant hurt you, you are too strong.

All V has at the moment is mind games and a video- he is sad, sad, little boy.

View him as such, dont give him anymore power than this.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should have to worry about things with you ex husband. Both girls are old enough to know that R. abandoned them. For the most part, Richard has not had hardly any contact with the girls since '00. B and A know this. I think for the most part, if he tired anything in court, the system would tell him to "f**k off!!"

Like you have wrote, you have been the mother and "father" for the past 8 years. He is happy with "fugly", who happens to hate the girls. So, I wouldn't worry to much.

Think happy trees ;)

Mr. NY