Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11th

I find it difficult to express myself about things that have happened that have had an effect on people and the world.
September 11th 2001 had a massive ripple
effect all throughout the world. The tragedy that happened that day will never leave me or anyone else I know. I'll never forget the agony and tears, the pictures from that day... I still can't look at them now.
New York became my second home, I was in love with a man from New York, he would fly me over there every few months. I loved NY, I had no problem going on a carriage ride through Central Park at 2am, it's a great city. The last time we were there was July 2001, we went everywhere that a plane was taken over.
One of my most favourite photos was taken on November 3rd 2000. We were coming back from the Statue of Liberty on the ferry. My camera was always around my neck, we were at the front of the ferry taking in the city, it was very cold and overcast, I was looking at the World Trade Centres and the clouds opened and the sun shone straight onto the
towers lighting them up, I took a photo. It only lasted a moment but it will always stay with me.
The photo hasn't been retouched, this is what it looked like

Less than a year later they were gone.

A way this effected me and my family was, even though I had gone on many international flights, I have a deep fear of flying and this made it even worse. Mr NY and I were supposed to go to Ireland in Nov 2001, we were planning on getting engaged while we were there, I'd chosen my ring and we were excited about the trip, scared but excited. After Sept 11th, I couldn't fly anymore the thought of it had me petrified. So we didn't go to Ireland and we didn't get engaged.
I know this might sound petty... but that's not how I mean this to come across, I just wrote about it because it was something that had an impact on my life in more ways than one even though I am thousands of miles away... I could be married right now, I might have had another baby, I could've possibly been living in NY.
But I didn't lose anyone, I didn't know any of the over 3000 people who were murdered that day... my thoughts are with the families and the people who lived through the nightmare


Anonymous said...

I cant bear to look at those tapes of the crashes into the towers....they make my heart ache.w.w.

Anonymous said...

Sept 11th 2001, was just a very bad day all around. :(

Never gets easier to look at pictures or think about it.

Don't give up in Ireland, or flying. One day someone will sweep you off your feet, and will take you to Ireland.