Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have new toys :)

My birthday week is coming to an end and I have new toys!

This is toy number one
A beautiful piece of selenite, as soon as I saw it I had to have it, it's my kind of perfect.

Toy number two
A lovely mermaid dish that I bought at The Rocks, she has a little chip on her tail (which you have to search for) so she was reduced to $5.

Toy number three
I found this at an op shop, it was $3 and I had to have it. It's marked 'ITALY' and I think it's unusual. The stand has 3 dragons on it. I think it's brass, but has been embossed.
I took it to my mum and dad's yesterday to see if they knew what it was, dad straight away said tea strainer lol That never occurred to me! We decided that it belonged to Italian royalty, a king named Luigi owned it.. we were drinking.. not tea :)

Toy Four
It's the bestest.. I spoiled myself
The last time I saw my hairdresser Liza, she straightened my hair with a ghd, I'd attempted to do it a few times with our straightener but it hadn't turned out so great, so I was a bit apprehensive, but when it was done I was almost in tears, I'd had an emotional day and when I saw myself I felt unbelievable, I actually felt good about the way I look and I hadn't felt like that in a long time. So for my birthday I splurged big time and bought myself a ghd straightener. I wanted to keep feeling good about my appearance so $250 is a small price to pay to feel good. Not that I don't feel good about my farrah fawcet hair, but having a change as good as Liza and the ghd gave me is wonderful. I am happy to say that we can recreate the amazing hair at home without Liza lol and I feel just as good when I look in the mirror :)

My new baby

From Farrah to um
mm... this

Our family birthdays are usually finished off with a BBQ at mum and dad's place. They're not the steak and sausage kind of BBQs, they're always something gourmet fancy and we love it :)
I got my gifts from my sister and her family (who live in Vienna) and my parents yesterday.

A gorgeous necklace from my sis, the starfish are full of swarovski crystals

And from my parents..the funkiest BBQ! It's perfect for our balcony.

I had a wonderful birthday, a birthday without tears of sadness, with lots of happy birthday wishes, and a day spent with my family (my daddy was working but there were phonecalls etc) who I love dearly... Every birthday will be this good :)


Myst_72 said...

Nice swag of stuff Tania!

I love little treasures from the op-shop especially,


Anchell said...

I want one! Of all of them!

I left that teaball at Luigi's the last time I was in Italy, in another life......

I know what you mean about the hair thing, when I did mine once I felt like a princess with 'swish'.

Glad you had a lovely birthday.

Tania said...

Hi Myst :) I LOVE op shopping! I love love love finding unusual things. For the past few months or so I've been trying to find a silver glomesh handbag.. can only find gold, cream or white :( If anyone finds one please let me know :)

Hi Anchell :) Ok I'll return it to you lol I can come over and do your hair oneday :)

Lisa said...

fantastic and well done- a great haul !

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you!!!
Now I have to top that for my birthday!!!!!!!!
You have raised the bar too high methinks...w.w.

Myst_72 said...

Hi Tania,

I'll keep my eyes peeled!


Tania said...

Thanks Lisa :)

Hi W :) No, no, no bar lol you didn't see the anxiety attacks for days and questioning myself about handing over $250 for the ghd, there was lots of calm breathing and telling myself it was ok lol

Thanks Myst :)

Anonymous said...

Shoot, and all I got was a bottle of wine and I don't even drink wine lol

Tasmine said...

Good words.