Thursday, August 4, 2005


I did want to post, I kept thinking about stuff to write but I couldn't be positive when my weight was depressing me so much.
I can't believe it has taken 2 1/2 months to get below 94! I finally did it, this morning when I weighed myself I was 93.7kgs (206.5 pounds down from 222.6) I still feel like a fat cow, but I look a lot better (i think?) I fit into some sexy lingerie that I bought a few years ago ;D

Not moving the weight was making me miserable, I cried when I weighed myself, I would get to 94.1kgs and then go back up. I would exercise, continue to eat well and my weight wouldn't go lower, just higher then I'd lose a bit then go back up. I kept hearing about having a "plateau" but not for 10 weeks!
I haven't done many things differently, I stopped eating brown rice and I finally had a period (grow up most females have them) I hadn't had one since I went back to work.
Kate my lovely dietitian wont be happy when i tell her about the rice, but I felt like it was clogging me up.

I'm still single (big surprise) but I've joined a few dating sites, and I am going to do someting else, so maybe that means I am feeling better about the way I look :)

I am crossing my fingers that when I turn 33 in a month I'll weigh 90 (198 pounds) or below, I'll admit I'm scared, I don't want to have another 10 week plateau, I don't want to be big in summer, I want to go to the beach without having to be completely covered up, I want to fit into the gorgeous new summer outfits without having to buy them at 16-26, I want to buy sexy sexy sexy gorgeous lingerie and most importantly right now...
I want someone special to melt every time they look at me.

So.. my weight WILL go down, and I WILL be healthy and I WILL meet prince charming, my life is looking much better :)