Thursday, August 4, 2005


I did want to post, I kept thinking about stuff to write but I couldn't be positive when my weight was depressing me so much.
I can't believe it has taken 2 1/2 months to get below 94! I finally did it, this morning when I weighed myself I was 93.7kgs (206.5 pounds down from 222.6) I still feel like a fat cow, but I look a lot better (i think?) I fit into some sexy lingerie that I bought a few years ago ;D

Not moving the weight was making me miserable, I cried when I weighed myself, I would get to 94.1kgs and then go back up. I would exercise, continue to eat well and my weight wouldn't go lower, just higher then I'd lose a bit then go back up. I kept hearing about having a "plateau" but not for 10 weeks!
I haven't done many things differently, I stopped eating brown rice and I finally had a period (grow up most females have them) I hadn't had one since I went back to work.
Kate my lovely dietitian wont be happy when i tell her about the rice, but I felt like it was clogging me up.

I'm still single (big surprise) but I've joined a few dating sites, and I am going to do someting else, so maybe that means I am feeling better about the way I look :)

I am crossing my fingers that when I turn 33 in a month I'll weigh 90 (198 pounds) or below, I'll admit I'm scared, I don't want to have another 10 week plateau, I don't want to be big in summer, I want to go to the beach without having to be completely covered up, I want to fit into the gorgeous new summer outfits without having to buy them at 16-26, I want to buy sexy sexy sexy gorgeous lingerie and most importantly right now...
I want someone special to melt every time they look at me.

So.. my weight WILL go down, and I WILL be healthy and I WILL meet prince charming, my life is looking much better :)


T666 said...

relax... u only just started as far as im concerned. u r making a good effort to acheive your goals and thats the most important thing. enjoy the challenge becasue thats what life should be about. once u acheive this goal u will have others. thats all life is about and u can either be happy while u doing them or sad. happy is cooler :) peace out david d :P

Rickymac47 said...

I'm happy when you're happy :) I can tell you're feeling better about life, yourself and stuff in the way you come across in chat sessions and (obviously) this blog. Keep up the good work, as the insightful man above said in a previous blog comment - "nothing easy is worthwhile!"

Fluffy bunnies, yo!

Womble said...

Im proud of you, you've stuck to your guns and the progress is nothing short of phenomenal. BTW, the lingerie ..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr owwwwwwwww! OH YEAH! ARRROOOOGGGGGGAAAAAAAAA! You're hearing me, I know you are ;)