Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scuse me while I throw up

Have been avoiding a lot lately.

Still trying to deal with this 'morning sickness', frustrated by a friend who tells me that morning sickness stops at 12 weeks and anything past that is a bacterial infection. Uh huh, yes so the 24 weeks of being sick with Allira was a bacterial infection? I don't think so, and as I prefer to avoid yelling at people, I just choose to not call her now, I take her calls, but thankfully she understands that I prefer to just be on my own when I am feeling sick 24 hours a day, and I can't throw a grapefruit at her head when she mentions "bacterial infection"

I had my nuchal scan last monday, the girls came with me, I want them to
experience as much of this as they can, and I thought that seeing their baby brother or sister would be wonderful for them. Little Gary is adorable, scan lady was laughing because the first views we got of her were her jumping around straightening her legs. She's a very active little bub.

This is my favourite picture. It makes me giggle when I think of or see it :) It was pretty much the first view of her.

That's not necessarily a penis btw
even though I've been feeling for weeks that it's a boy, we still don't know yet and Glen doesn't want to find out til she's born.

It was very surreal seeing little gary.
I still haven't convinced myself that I am pregnant, it's just not real, I suppose that sounds very odd, but it's very very different to when I was pregnant with the girls.
I had convinced myself that after my fertility problems and my ovary issues, that I wouldn't get pregnant without some kind of help whether it be clomid again or IVF. And I was only with Glen for 2 1/2 weeks (him living in another country doesn't make seeing each other easy) and I got my period the day I left Australia, and I have had ONE four week cycle since I was 11!!!

It is exciting though :)
I've gained so much weight! But I'm ok with that, I'm not mo
ving much, and there are only certain foods that I want to eat right now, very bland foods like eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes and chicken, but then I could suck down a lemon tart in a few seconds, loving the lemons mmmmm

I've been in maternity jeans since I was 6 weeks pregnant. And oh wow are they comfortable! the KMart ones are the best!! I will wear them after the baby is born, especially to all you can eat buffet dinners :)
At the scan, there were 5 other women, every single other one had a flat tummy, and I am a walrus, Bianca noticed it too, was kind of amusing to see how big I am compared to ther 12 week women.

Only 9 more days til Glen gets here! YAY!!!!!!
He's bought a hi-bebe doppler so he can hear the heartbeat, and so when he goes home, he can hear it over the phone :)

Doctor's appt soon, have pains, I think it might still be the cyst, oh well, we'll see :)