Friday, July 17, 2009

Question time..When is someone considered family?

So... I have a friend and that has a family bbq to attend this weekend.
The friend's sister in law (SIL from now) has declared that it is FAMILY ONLY

And don't you dare attend if you aren't family!

Which means that friend's son's girlfriend (FS and FSG respectively) and friend's son's girlfriend's toddler son (FSGTS) are not 'allowed' to attend because they aren't considered family by SIL because FS and FSG aren't married! but they have been together for over a year!!
FSG has helped FS through a lot of tough times, always stood by him and helped him back on his feet and FS has been a daddy to her little boy.

Friend is very hurt and disgusted by this, and is considering not attending the bbq, she thinks FSG is being excluded because she is from a poor family and english is her second language and she has never been completely accepted.

So when does someone become 'family'?
and what would you do?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Facebook ?

Sooooo......... I'm bored bored bored.

Missing Boo, who I put on a bus today to go up the coast to spend a few days away from me and her sister. She's with the sweet boyfriend and his family and I am stressing!!!!!!
I texted the boyfriend and told him he'd better be at the bus stop to get her or I would be rather upset.. and of course he was, so I feel 0.5% better

I started up that Facebook thingy again, it has bad juju, but I am facing the facebook demons and trying to figure it out, seriously though is there a tutorial or something!

I am completely clueless!

a wall? photos that aren't even of me?

can't even have a glass of wine to sort through this!!

I need a tutor!!!!

love n smoodges

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're half way!

I am still stunned that I have a beautiful baby growing inside of me, even when I see scans, It doesn't fully connect that the little one is in me, I am very happy, not detached in any way, just amazed :)
Yesterday we had our 20 week scan (I'll be 21 weeks on Friday)
I didn't have an amniocentesis, which I have regretted slightly but
I thought this baby was such a miracle that I didn't want to risk a miscarriage, and my NT scan was low risk. So being told that our baby looks perfect was a relief. No problems of any kind could be seen in the organs etc.

The scans are unbelievably different to when I had scans with the girls, the 4D pictures are just beautiful. It was funny watching the little one play with the umbilical cord :)

The sonographer saw the sex of the baby, I asked her to write it down and put it in an envelope, I'm not sure if I want to know, Glen doesn't want to know, the girls are desperate to find out, I'm sure they'll be studying the scan dvd this afternoon. I thought it would be nice to all find out together :)

And onto the photos!
I just love the nose and lips picture, beautiful baby lips!

Looks like it's singing :)

Shy baby

I'm just so happy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Good News Day!

It's amazing what a difference a few numbers can make.

My blood pressure was 123/65!!! That's the lowest it's been for 15 weeks, I am so happy! Family is happy, Doctor is very happy. Happy happy happy!

Must have been the cottage's magical healing properties :)
Was wonderful going back there and seeing everyone again.

Just so happy!