Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Note to self...

I should check the tides, I should also read the news
Check out the pic, I took it this morning, BEFORE I noticed the waves were big. Normally the pool is quite defined, there are rocks on three sides and a kiddy pool in the front.

I woke up about 6:20am, had an argument in my head about getting up while it's still mostly dark and the part of me that wants to be swimming in the dark won, the lazy bitch part gave in with a big mental yell of "FINE"
So I drive to the beach/pool, thinking I'm great and missing those summer mornings when the temperature is already 28 at 6am. First thing I see is a guy getting rescued off Dixon Park Beach. Ok waves are looking pretty darn big, that shouldn't matter to me though, I'm going in the pool, think again! the pool was getting swamped with big waves. I still wanted to go swimming cos the scales went down big time last night. There aren't many people swimming and there are no towels on the benches, guess why.. go on guess.. cos the waves were so big they were going over the pool, over the walkway and into the kiddy pool, and even though the walkway is covered in water I'm not smart enough to put my stuff anywhere but on a bench near the big pool, my stuff wont get wet, my thongs wont float away.
I didn't have far to go to get into the water, it was one big pool, I start swimming, whacked with a wave, yeah I can handle this, just like swimming in the ocean... the ocean has bitey things... hmm..waves are huge.. bitey things can get swept in with the big waves... oh shit...
now anyone who knows me, knows that I am freaked about swimming in anything that isn't a pool and isn't an area of water where I can see the bottom. I do go surfing (yes I have) and I do go swimming at the beach, but it's always in crystal clear water. I don't swim in creeks, lakes, rivers etc, unless I can see the bottom. If I am in dark scary water I panic. I was determined to keep swimming and not think about the great whites that could have been swept into the pool with the mega waves. Ok one lap done, turn around in enough time to see the water about 5cm below my stuff! oh shit again! I need to swim back quick.. pfft yeah right lol
When I was near my stuff another nice guy about 60 in speedos, laughed and said "oh the water got so close" ha ha ha "thought it was all going to get swept away"
Those couple of laps were tough, swimming against the waves was a good workout, and I regret not swimming more, but my clothes were wet and I do love my Roxy thongs, so I went home, but I am not defeated, I will be back there tomorrow.. when it's low tide ofcourse.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming la la la

I've had a little bit of a binge lately, and it's been fun, but it's also gone straight to .. well everywhere! Saint Patrick's day night was one of the best nights out I've had in years and the following week was a busy haze of tafe, junk food, and kid's things, so this morning I decided to go swimming, it was a quick decision cos I woke up at 8:30 and the girls were ready to leave for school, I don't normally sleep in, I'm usually up before 7, but the little darlings let me sleep, so while I was still half asleep I thought some laps would be a good idea.
I get to the pool and there were about 20 people doing laps. The ocean pool is awesome, it's huge, it's fed by the ocean (obviously) and it gets cleaned regularly. I stood there looking at it, lots of people, me not so sexy in swimmers... should I or shouldn't I?
A guy about 70 wearing speedos said "You should hurry up they're closing at 9:30 for cleaning"
"hmm... I should go home then" I say happily cos it means I get out of exercising
"NOoooo get your half an hour in" he was quite encouraging
And luckily he was, because instead of turning around and going home, I went down to the pool, undressed as quickly as possible and got in the water.
The best thing about living in Australia, is that even though it's autumn here, the water was beautiful! and I started swimming, and I swam for the half an hour I had left and I remembered how much I love swimming!
When I was younger I would go to that pool and swim laps for hours, I'd swim kilometres and love every moment of it. It was a bit harder today I didn't quite do a kilometre, but I was close!
When I got out of the water, I felt exhilerated! like I could jog home (not bloody likely though) I drove around Newcastle with a smile on my face and my heart beating a bazillion miles an hour cos I am so out of shape :) but I felt great.
I'll be back in the pool tomorrow morning before tafe, seriously!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Don't worry there wont be a nude calender

I am in so much pain!
On saturday my girls and I walked over to the shopping village in the next town, it's good exercise and there was a lingerie sale (I can't help it, I'm addicted) All my little darlings wanted was a soccer ball, B is a really good player, used to be on a school team when we lived in Wollongong, she really should be back on a team up here, something I need to look into. Ok, so anyway, we got the soccer ball and I got lingerie. We walk home past a huge park, so they want to play with the ball, I want to go home, they start kicking the ball around and pretty soon I've put down my bags and am kicking with them, barefoot and running around like a Matilda (exactly like one ok) We had so much fun! B keeps yelling "you're winning by losing mum!!"
(She'd read that on a fatty book)
So about an hour later we go home, my foot is bruised! I sit down on the lounge, they put a spongebob dvd on and pretty soon I'm fast asleep (huh?!) I didn't think kicking a ball around would exhaust me so much, I'm still a bit confused about that.
So the next day we decide to go and do it again (minus the lingerie shopping) I call D and ask him to bring his son C to play too (I know, my girls are A&B and we have D (the sweet guy) and his son C.. pity I didn't get my sister's name which starts with an E) This time I wore trackies (too sexy) and sneakers so I wouldn't bruise my foot, plus I had to have two pony tails just cos they're cute. So A, B, C, D and me played soccer for a couple of hours and I'm still "winning by losing" and today I'm sore! ouch ouch ouch even my butt hurts!
It didn't stop me going lingerie shopping today though hehehe
My mummy and I went to Tuggerah outlet stores, bras and things have really cheap stuff, I bought the el fako leather stuff, corset with matching g-string (I'll have to buy a riding crop, I have the FM boots already) my poor mummy almost needed to be revived "why are you buying that?!"
"Because if I am going away for a dirty weekend, then I want to make it worth his while" I said
"But but but" poor mum "wont you sweat in that?"
"no mum I doubt it will be on for long... why don't you get one and make dad's year?"
It cost me all of $9.95, I need to do something about this lingerie thing, I have to stop buying it!!!

My other big thrill of the day is going into Jeans West and trying on a normal pair of jeans, not the biggest size in the store, and they fit! I pulled them up, they got over my arse and they did up comfortably! even though there were thinny mirrors in the dressing room.. I looked good, I wanted to cry and run out screaming "look at me!!! normal jeans from a jeans shop!!!! not fat fake size 16 jeans from a fat chick shop!!!" See there's a thing happening at fat chick shops, 16/26 and fat options at target (I'm still allowed to call it that) size their clothes to make us sexy fat chicks feel good, I fit into size 16 jeans at 16/26 and fat options, but do you think I could fit into a 16 pair of jeans at jeans west or just jeans? hell nooooo, so fitting into jeans at a 'normal' shop is my biggest recent achievement, well that and not dying after playing soccer yesterday :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I'm all Better now :)

Ok so I got over my little drama from a couple of weeks ago. Should I tell you what it was over? yeah why not, it was about a guy, someone I thought I liked, so I went all "16 and lost my first boyfriend" ha
It wasn't about losing him that I was most upset about, I did the "you need to leave thing", I was more upset about getting myself into that stupid situation
We weren't dating, you know why?...because you can't really date a guy WHEN HE'S WITH SOMEONE ELSE! BASTARD!
It was good for weight loss though, probably because of all the friggin tears I cried over that bastard!!

My weight has gone up a little bit, but I don't really care, I know... surprising, but my sister and 1 yr old nephew flew back to Holland so we had 3 days of saying good bye with awesome food, and gee I make a good tiramisu :D

The best way to get over a bastard is to go lingerie shopping! and didn't I buy some sexy stuff whoo! some black stuff, some fish nets, some pretty blue stuff and some stilettos to match!

So the original happy me is back, much happier and still absolutely stunning ;)
Thanks to my friend D who listened to me cry even though he loves me