Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Note to self...

I should check the tides, I should also read the news
Check out the pic, I took it this morning, BEFORE I noticed the waves were big. Normally the pool is quite defined, there are rocks on three sides and a kiddy pool in the front.

I woke up about 6:20am, had an argument in my head about getting up while it's still mostly dark and the part of me that wants to be swimming in the dark won, the lazy bitch part gave in with a big mental yell of "FINE"
So I drive to the beach/pool, thinking I'm great and missing those summer mornings when the temperature is already 28 at 6am. First thing I see is a guy getting rescued off Dixon Park Beach. Ok waves are looking pretty darn big, that shouldn't matter to me though, I'm going in the pool, think again! the pool was getting swamped with big waves. I still wanted to go swimming cos the scales went down big time last night. There aren't many people swimming and there are no towels on the benches, guess why.. go on guess.. cos the waves were so big they were going over the pool, over the walkway and into the kiddy pool, and even though the walkway is covered in water I'm not smart enough to put my stuff anywhere but on a bench near the big pool, my stuff wont get wet, my thongs wont float away.
I didn't have far to go to get into the water, it was one big pool, I start swimming, whacked with a wave, yeah I can handle this, just like swimming in the ocean... the ocean has bitey things... hmm..waves are huge.. bitey things can get swept in with the big waves... oh shit...
now anyone who knows me, knows that I am freaked about swimming in anything that isn't a pool and isn't an area of water where I can see the bottom. I do go surfing (yes I have) and I do go swimming at the beach, but it's always in crystal clear water. I don't swim in creeks, lakes, rivers etc, unless I can see the bottom. If I am in dark scary water I panic. I was determined to keep swimming and not think about the great whites that could have been swept into the pool with the mega waves. Ok one lap done, turn around in enough time to see the water about 5cm below my stuff! oh shit again! I need to swim back quick.. pfft yeah right lol
When I was near my stuff another nice guy about 60 in speedos, laughed and said "oh the water got so close" ha ha ha "thought it was all going to get swept away"
Those couple of laps were tough, swimming against the waves was a good workout, and I regret not swimming more, but my clothes were wet and I do love my Roxy thongs, so I went home, but I am not defeated, I will be back there tomorrow.. when it's low tide ofcourse.

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T666 said...

yup like last time it was this big i was surfing maroubra and bondi and like 6 peoples drowned. u dont wanna go swiming on days like this unless yor profesional :p where some swimsuit shots :p

good efort tho