Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I made myself a man

I found a new toy, it doesn't need batteries either! (but it's not as much fun ;)
Virtual model
You can make a virtual model of yourself, it's supposedly so you can see what you'll look like in clothes before you buy them online, but I made a few of them, from my start weight down to my goal weight, going down in lots of 10kgs. I copied them all, front, side and back views so I can print them.
I wanted to see how I'll look as the weight goes down and what I should look like when I'm done. Yes it would be easier to take photos, but I don't have anyone to do that for me at the moment and I don't really want to say to my daughters "come here and take photos of mummy in undies"
The other fun thing you can do with virtual model is you can make a guy, any kind of guy you want I know.. it's awesome isn't it!
How hot is my sexy boy! Ahh my life is so exciting.
So my virtual dummies are my thrill for the moment!
Well that and I passed my visual assessment so I don't have to do the fucker again.

Swimming has paid off!
Cos I found $2 at the bottom of the pool! yay for me!!

I am still loving swimming lots of laps. I bought some goggles because my eyes were aching, now I just need a swim cap, I have too much hair. Long, gorgeous, wavy, soft, blonde hair. If hairdressers consider below the shoulders to be long hair... then what do they think my waist length hair is???


Steph said...

Oh he's hot. I'm off to make me the man of my dreams, w00t!

Tania said...

and then write some poetry Steph!

hehe see it is kinda fun, now if only we could make them come alive hmm...

Grant Miller said...

Um. He kind of looks like Jesus.

Tania said...

ok I can see the slight jesus resemblance. D thinks he looks like the guy in deuce bigalo that says "Women pay me to give them pleasure" (said in whatever accent he has)

T666 said...

waist length hair ROCKS!