Friday, January 23, 2009

Where should it go? Opinions please :)

I am removing things from my house that The Abuser gave me, they've been hidden away for months, and because we are having a MASSIVE clean out, I am taking everything from him to the RSPCA op shop, but I have a big beautiful framed photo of Merewether Baths (where I swim almost daily) from Wide Horizons. I don't want to take it to the op shop and I don't want to sell it because I don't want to profit from anything that that person gave to me.

I was thinking of donating it somewhere...because it is a beautiful photo and I'd like it going somewhere that would make a lot of people as calm as it makes me.. until I remember who gave it to me.

Where would be a good place?

I was thinking about Ronald McDonald house, or the Gynaecology ward at the John Hunter because they took such good care of me when my ovary was almost exploding.

So.... any thoughts on other places I could donate it?

Have a nice Aussie Day long weekend :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

(now with pics) THIS is what I was waiting to write about...

I knew this day was coming, so I was holding off blogging until I could write this.. but then that letter arrived, blah whatever :)

Way way way back in 2005, I started this blog because I was doing a PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) weight loss study.

My weight when I started was 101kgs, which is 222.6 pounds or 16 stone.

I lost a little bit of weight through the study, gained it all back during a bad relationship... and finally now I can say....

As of this morning.......

I'VE LOST 20 KILOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(44 pounds and 3.14 stone)

I am now 81kgs, (178.5 pounds and 12.7 stone)

I love exercising too.. wow!

I swim and run/walk/jog, and every day I can run a little bit further.

I feel so good inside.. going from a size 22-24 down to a size 14 makes me want to cry with happiness!

I still have at least 16 kgs to go and that first 20 was hard. I don't want to be super slim, I love being curvy.

Now that my head is in order and my life is flowing, the weight is finally dropping because I am happily putting the effort in.
I started using a weight loss helper about 9 weeks ago, (Thank you G and small man, for all of your help) and that little thing has totally changed the way I view food and has opened my eyes to the fact that I WILL lose weight and I am so grateful for it, with it I have lost 9kgs.

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The catholic church can go fuck themselves... yes there's swearing

My mood is varying between anger and wanting to cry with frustration, so right now I am so fucking angry.

I married a dickhead, I had two children with that dickhead, we got divorced, dickhead and I had an agreement in regards to the girls, it worked out well for both of us
, no complaints ever, dickhead got a bitch pregnant on the first date, bitch told dickhead that she.... "hates the daughters, wants them out of his life because they remind her of me" and that "he wouldn't see their child and child will not have his surname unless her demands were met" I know this because he told me.
Because dickhead is gutless prick, he agreed and started seeing the girls less and less, which was annoying because it meant I couldn't go out, and as of now he has spent 45 minutes with them since August 2000.

Dickhead and bitch wanted to get married, good for them, I didn't care, bitch wanted it in a catholic church, dickhead started an annulment proceeding with the catholic church in 2001.

Diocese (Disease?) of Wollongong contacted me by phone, by mail CONSTANTLY to go and have an interview with them, I said "No I will not attend because I did not force him into marrying me and you cannot tell me that my second daughter should not have been born" But they kept doing it and it upset me and I felt harassed, I told them to quit it, I wanted no part of it and if they kept contacting me I would go to the police to get them to stop. So their contact finally stopped.

My ex father in-law who still sees the girls, told me that the annulment didn't go through and they got married in an Anglican church, yay for them.

Today I get a letter from the Diocese of Lismore, cos dickhead and bi
tch moved up north to pursue his dream of making surfboards, good on him for living his dream, fuck him for defrauding child support and centrelink by saying he earns diddly squat yet can take nice surfing holidays in Bali, cash in hand is working out well for them, arseholes.

Their fucking letter states " the time of the contracting marriage, there was on your part and also on the plaintiff, a grave lack of discretion of judgement"

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You pack of fucking c*nts with your fucking catholic bullshit!!!

"A grave lack of discretion of judgement"


What the hell does that mean? I DID NOT force him to marry me! We weren't 16!

No wonder a lot of people think the catholic system is archaic bullshit, because it is!!!

So I rang them.. and I was furious..
again I told them it was harassment and I don't need to know about it, because there is no way in this world I would ever get married in a catholic church again.
and I did say this "No God damned catholic church will EVER tell me that my second child shouldn't have been born" oh I yelled, a lot.
8 fucking years ago this started, why the hell is it happening again!!!
I screamed at the woman to never ever contact me again. So hopefully this is over. But I doubt it, because they think they can do no fucking wrong!

What gives a religious group the right to decide whether or not my marriage shouldn't have happened?! They disgust me.

Catholic Church you can take your annulments which involve normal, law abiding people, with no history of abuse or anything else that could mean a forced marriage and shove it up your fucking arses!!!

Stupid c*nts