Friday, January 16, 2009

The catholic church can go fuck themselves... yes there's swearing

My mood is varying between anger and wanting to cry with frustration, so right now I am so fucking angry.

I married a dickhead, I had two children with that dickhead, we got divorced, dickhead and I had an agreement in regards to the girls, it worked out well for both of us
, no complaints ever, dickhead got a bitch pregnant on the first date, bitch told dickhead that she.... "hates the daughters, wants them out of his life because they remind her of me" and that "he wouldn't see their child and child will not have his surname unless her demands were met" I know this because he told me.
Because dickhead is gutless prick, he agreed and started seeing the girls less and less, which was annoying because it meant I couldn't go out, and as of now he has spent 45 minutes with them since August 2000.

Dickhead and bitch wanted to get married, good for them, I didn't care, bitch wanted it in a catholic church, dickhead started an annulment proceeding with the catholic church in 2001.

Diocese (Disease?) of Wollongong contacted me by phone, by mail CONSTANTLY to go and have an interview with them, I said "No I will not attend because I did not force him into marrying me and you cannot tell me that my second daughter should not have been born" But they kept doing it and it upset me and I felt harassed, I told them to quit it, I wanted no part of it and if they kept contacting me I would go to the police to get them to stop. So their contact finally stopped.

My ex father in-law who still sees the girls, told me that the annulment didn't go through and they got married in an Anglican church, yay for them.

Today I get a letter from the Diocese of Lismore, cos dickhead and bi
tch moved up north to pursue his dream of making surfboards, good on him for living his dream, fuck him for defrauding child support and centrelink by saying he earns diddly squat yet can take nice surfing holidays in Bali, cash in hand is working out well for them, arseholes.

Their fucking letter states " the time of the contracting marriage, there was on your part and also on the plaintiff, a grave lack of discretion of judgement"

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You pack of fucking c*nts with your fucking catholic bullshit!!!

"A grave lack of discretion of judgement"


What the hell does that mean? I DID NOT force him to marry me! We weren't 16!

No wonder a lot of people think the catholic system is archaic bullshit, because it is!!!

So I rang them.. and I was furious..
again I told them it was harassment and I don't need to know about it, because there is no way in this world I would ever get married in a catholic church again.
and I did say this "No God damned catholic church will EVER tell me that my second child shouldn't have been born" oh I yelled, a lot.
8 fucking years ago this started, why the hell is it happening again!!!
I screamed at the woman to never ever contact me again. So hopefully this is over. But I doubt it, because they think they can do no fucking wrong!

What gives a religious group the right to decide whether or not my marriage shouldn't have happened?! They disgust me.

Catholic Church you can take your annulments which involve normal, law abiding people, with no history of abuse or anything else that could mean a forced marriage and shove it up your fucking arses!!!

Stupid c*nts


Kristy said...

Well... goodness me.


Glad you got that out.

No seriously, it sounds horrible!

Thinking of you.

Tania said...

Thank you Kristy,

I appreciate it :)


The Tall Red Head said...

Bloody Hell!! No wonder you are furious! Why the Hell are they sending you letters NOW if you are obviously divorced and they have gotten married??? I would ring Today Tonight! They would love to do a story on that!

Hope things improve for you xx

Lisa said...

Tania- you will get your blog 'flagged' for this post- it is deflametory and could breach libel.
please be careful sweet
Lisa xx

Tania said...

If I hear from them again, I'll threaten them with the police and today tonight lol they'd love that!

Lisa, honest it wrong if it's all true?
Do you think it would get flagged if I remove the swearing?

Anchell said...




River said...

I agree the catholic religion sucks. In many, many ways.

Myst_72 said...

What the hell?

Why they are contacting you is beyond me!!

Today Tonight would LOVE this.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that there is far worse to be found on the internet...but as with everything that is must be aware to bear any consequences of what you post.
It is unfair that you must always be on the defence that is for sure.

Cyndy said...

My oh my. Do dickhead's religious beleiefs run so deep that he fears for his soul because he was married by the "other" Christian church?
Or is he still finding ways to push your buttons, Tania?

What a little man he is, hiding behind the churches skirts.....
You & your gorgeous girls are definitely better off without him.

I am not sure about defamation or libel in this case.... If any more letters arrive, reteurn with a "Not at this address" notation.

Natalie said...

WoW! I am furious for you.

Really, it happens so often that women are treated this way after a marriage breakup and it is SO WRONG.

I am sorry you are so angry, hurt and frustrated - you have every right to be.

I feel for your girls. xx

jewell said...

why can i ask are you so worried about all this when you are no-longer married/with him?

Just it go peacefully x

Ozz said...

And Churches wonder why people arent joining - bloody whack jobs!

This is where you start signing up to mailing lists from 'interesting' sources using their address.... then let them enjoy getting something in the mail.

Tania said...

Thank you for your support :)

There are a few reasons this bothers me...
He couldn't care less about religion, he complained about going to go to church with me,

And most importantly...
It is not right for any religious body to make assumptions about a relationship and say that it should never have happened, by annulling the marriage they are saying I forced him into it and my second daughter shouldn't have been born. How would that make her feel? first her father doesn't want anything to do with her and a religious body decides that she shouldn't have been born. I am going to fight this to protect her and defend myself.

The Tall Red Head said...

I agree. Why should you let it go peacefully when he is obviously starting things with the church? Why the hell cant he let it go and move on with his life that he so desperately wanted? Fight it every step of the way Tania. No-one has the right to dictate your life, and this is harassment.

Anonymous said...

Serenity Now.

The Anxious One said...

Ass hole scumbags ! You know their relationship will be in the shit before you can say " in the shit ". These so-called religious people do my head in, I empathise totally. I have one next door who beats his kids ( catholic ) and claims to be religious and loving. Bastards !