Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does Australia Post hate everyone, or just me?

Why is that Aussie post loses our stuff?

Every Christmas this happens

Gifts for the girls that were sent from Wollongong two weeks ago haven't arrived and my gift from New York hasn't arrived...

Poor Glen felt so bad about my gift from him not being here for me to open on Christmas morning, that he spent almost $200 on flowers, wine and chocolates and guess what...............?

They didn't arrive either!!!!!!!!

I can't blame Australia Post on that one though.
But I will blame a supposed top Australian online florist... should I put the link in?

I wasn't going to wait another day, so I rang the florist this morning, they gave me a wark story about "malfunctioning computer due to the number of orders...."
uh huh...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....wow malfunctioning for a week.... and I know nothing about anything....

so basically... the florist couldn't be bothered doing the order.
I said "refund him"

We've had so many things go missing that it's a fingers crossed situation every time something gets posted to us. And it doesn't matter where it's being sent from. Stuff being sent now has to be insured and registered, and it shits me when I buy stuff on ebay in America that I can't get here, they get mailed and they end up in some unknown person's possession and I can't buy them again. Like my a standing teddy bear cake tin, my gorgeous highly sort after silver glitter peep toe stilettos (oh how I miss my silver glitter peep toes that I never got to wear!)
And crystal dolphins from Prague that my sister sent to me... DAMMIT!!!

I have bought THE dress, yes THE most beautiful dress, it's a dress I found after looking at over 2000 dresses (it was probably more) and I have fallen in love with THE dress, but THE dress has to remain in New York until I can pick it up, there is no way that I will ever let THE dress be posted to me because I have no faith that THE dress will turn up here and I will never be able to find another one. I will post pictures of THE dress when things are set :)

Farewell to 2008.. you were the worst of years, but also the best..

I am the happiest I've been in years!

AND I am the lowest weight I've been since my sister's wedding in 2000 (that would partly be due to the severe gastro I had on Sunday which had me so nauseated, dehydrated and sick that my dad had to take me to hospital on for injections (and I'm allergic to stemetil and maxalon the normal anti nausea drugs so I was given a phenergan injection... and OMG the pain!!!!)...but as sick as I was I lost a few kilos lol... I can always find a positive :)

BRING ON 2009!!!!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2009 is wonderful for you all
I've got big news to share soon.. hopefully :)


Myst_72 said...

That sucks - could you get a post office box?


Cyndy said...

A better year is ahead, Tania!

All the best. xoxoxo

Tania said...

Hi G :)
would a post office box make any difference?

Thanks Cyndy :) All the best to you and your family too


Myst_72 said...

Tania ~ it should.....maybe you could ask?


Jason said...

This is no consolation, but companies in the UK are just as bad.

The gift i bought for christmas online from another reputable global company hadnt arrived so i called the company to be told they were out of stock due to high orders and soooo sorry that you had to email after 14 days for us to tell you this!

Hmmmm let me think - couldnt you just sell the amount you actually have!!!!

Perhaps its not just the queen we have in common.

I hear you on 2008 though Tania - C'est la vie

Tania said...

G, I will ask,I think my post office guys must cringe when they see me walk through the door this time of year lol

Jason.. I hope you have a wonderful 2009, Don't forget Melbourne in May, I will buy you a hot chocolate and I DID NOT stand you up at maccas :P

Natalie said...

I hate them too at times. Every package I have sent to my bro. and family in Malaysia NEVER gets there!

Also, WORST breakup of my life was an Aust. Post worker.BLAHHHH,YUK.

Maybe Kevin will give them a $1000 to F#$%k off!

Happy New Year! :)

River said...

Probably the best idea is to post all chrissie presents before Easter and label them "open on December 25".

jewell said...

know you don't want to hear this but never had any issues with Auz post all my parcels get there on time everytime...some one must love me :-0

by the way here's my new blog address