Thursday, December 11, 2008

My baby is going to bigger school

Tonight my beautiful little one had her Primary School Graduation dinner.

It's so wonderful seeing her grow up, I can't believe she'll be in high school next year!

It's true, time does fly.

A few weeks ago we were asked to give her teacher a photo from kindergarten, no idea why, but tonight I saw why.

Oh look at my baby! I almost cried, it bought back so many memories seeing the two pictures side by side. She was a tiny little poppet and so excited about school and now she's just as excited about high school.

My stunning girl wanted a cloak for tonight, so I made her an icy blue one. Her dress was a disaster so we raced out and bought one 45 mins before the graduation was to start, on special occasions she's allowed to wear her diamond jewellery that I bought her for her 10th and 11th birthdays (her birth stone and she deserves real diamonds) and she looked gorgeous. The batteries were running out on my came
ra so none of the pictures I took of her came out properly, but.......

I couldn't be prouder :)


Natalie said...

She looks beautiful, cloak is gorgeous. :)

It's a totally weird feeling when your "little ones" go to high school.

Love your daughter's name - it's what I had picked for Baby blossom, but Hub had his heart set on something else.

You are right to be proud.

Tania said...

Thank you Natalie :)

My ex didn't have a say in her name, I had it chosen when I was pregnant with Boo, but ex got his way with her name, so when Allira was born I said this is her name don't even try and change my mind lol She was such a boofy baby too, so big and two teeth! not a delicate 'Allira' at all, which is why I laugh at people when they say "We haven't picked a name yet, we'll see what the baby looks like when it's born"
If I'd have done that she would've ended up with some butch chick name lol it didn't take long for her to look like a pixie :)

The Tall Red Head said...

She is a beautiful girl for sure. I did the same thing with my 3rd babies name, my ex didn't like the names I had picked for baby 2 and he got his way so I put my foot down with number 3!!

She looks so happy and alive. You are doing a great job with them both :)

Anonymous said...

I know you are proud of her. She has grown up to be a beautiful young lass. And you did right by her with her name too :)

Hippy Witch said...

Allira looks beautiful. They do grow so fast, and your memories are all your left with. High school goes even faster. Congragulations proud mummy, you've done well.

Jewell said...

she looks so beautiful xx

Tania said...

Thank you everyone :)


Ali said...

what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Ilove the claok.

My daughter has also just completed primary school ~ they grow up rapidily don't they?!

River said...

Lovely photos of a lovely girl.

Tania said...

Hi Ali :) it's much too quick

Thank you River :)

Lisa said...

beautiful child xx

Glain said...

AWW she's so pretty :)

Also, I was wondering if Bianca is finished with the books I lent her, if she could bring them to the summer solstice ritual tomorrow night?

Thanks :) Can't wait to see my pressie lol.