Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Out of Order - please come back later

My house is my refuge
my children are my light
my cat is my friend
the other cat is my laughter ...

everything else doesn't matter right now.

I am sick of being taken advantage of
I am sick of people I love lying to me
I am sick of making plans for the future only to have them shot down
I am sick of going out of my way for others and never being offered the same in return
I am sick of questioning everything I do and worrying about whether or not it is good enough for others

I'm not insignificant
even if you think I am


Natalie said...

I am so hearing you sister!

Btw loved your tree.

Myst_72 said...

Yep, I get where you're coming from on this!


Lisa said...

i dont. whats going on ? and do you need some help with wrapping ?

Tania said...

Just too many disappointments happening at once. I'll be ok, I've got skills now :)

Everything is done in regards to the Elf gifts, Boo is a brilliant Elf, and Allira (the mini Elf) helped too, they're fantastic.

and chocolate cake helped too lol :)