Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho ho HO One more sleep til Santa comes!

Christmas Christmas CHRISTMAS!!!!!

love it love it love it!!!!

I'm sooooo excited for Christmas this year!

It's my favourite day, has been since I was little.
It's not because of the gifts, it's because of how we were/are as a family.

Last Friday night we went to
Carols by Candlelight in King Edward Park. Which was fun, apparently screaming isn't singing, thanks for letting me know Boo :P

I love Christmas smells, especially pine, cooking smells and spices. There's also a certain freshly unwrapped plastic smell that reminds me of Christmas when I was little and when the girls were little. I love it.

Christmas was never celebrated as a religious event in our home, we did go to Church (every Sunday etc) But Christmas was all about our immediate family. But tonight I am taking the girls to Midnight Mass, I have my reasons for doing it and I think it will be nice for them to experience it.

My family is German and every year we had a live Christmas tree which we chose together and decorated on Christmas Eve, we spent the day cooking traditional German biscuits, and making all kinds of different foods. And on Christmas morning when we unwrapped our gifts, the house smelled like pine, it was amazing and something I will never forget.

We have our Christmas traditions that were started years ago and this year we're adding another one, The Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas lights, thought it would be nice to take the girls up there for dinner and the lights display.

I believe that Christmas is unlike any other celebration throughout the year. Birthdays are for individuals, anniversaries are for couples, Christmas is about family and friends being equal the whole day.

Financially this year, it's our worst Christmas ever, even with Mr Rudd's Christmas bonus, which was already spent on bills. But I wont let the financial situation get me down.
Emotionally, I'm fantastic. I have two healthy, happy daughters, the love of someone special, a fantastic family and for the first time in years I'm free from any kind of abuse, what more could I ask for :)

I don't care why Christmas started or where it began, there are so many different cultural beliefs, traditions etc that are now a part of Christmas that it really doesn't matter anymore.

It's about love, togetherness, family, friends, celebration, joy and a million other things.



Cyndy said...

You're right, Tania. Christmas IS special, and should be a time of togetherness & sharing.

Enjoy this special time with your girls. You are making your own family traditions, which they will hold dear, especially when they have their own children.
Merry Christmas to you all! xoxoxo

Chrisy said...

Please I stumbled into your blog! Great that you're building Christmas traditions...and pleased that all is good in ur world...