Thursday, December 4, 2008

Say hello to OCTree

Our tree this year is so beautiful!
It's sad that it isn't a live tree, the smell of a pine tree on Christmas morning is something that always reminds me of my childhood.

After Christmas last year I went all over Newcastle looking for a particular tree and I finally found it at Mount Hutton (I HATE going there) Our beautiful tree finally came out of the box last weekend, and as beautiful as it looked, we all stood back a bit shocked at how big it is, it touches the ceiling, Allira's first comment was "where's the star going to go?"

I have accumulated so much to decorate the whole house with, the girls have banned me from buying more Santas... pish tosh nasty children :P
We decorate the tree in red and gold and 5 different strands of lights, there are home made decorations, and stuff the girls made when they were in pre-school, pink Christmas balls from when the girls were born and sweet little santas that were knitted by my ex mother in-law who has now passed on, stars, witches hats and brooms (they're really Harry Potter decorations that I bought in NY a while ago) and beautiful glass decorations that I had engraved.

There's lot of sparkly things!

We have a family tradition when we start to decorate...we have plates of snacks, we put Christmas music on, we sing, we laugh, we have fun!

And with a little bit of bending, the Star sits beautifully on t
op of the tree

I love this time of year.... This will be our best Christmas in years and I love that we can make it last a month


Jewell said...

wow that's some ours!!!! but we do have our very own little elf!!!

Tania said...

Your tree is beautiful :) and so is your gorgeous little elf

River said...

Your tree is awesome.

The Tall Red Head said...

That is an awesome tree! Looks like lots of love has gone into it.

Tania said...

Thank you :)

A lot of love did go into it... I love love love doing the tree with my girls :)

Myst_72 said...

Your tree looks fantastic!


Cyndy said...

How gorgeous is your tree!!!!!!!

It's sad: I put up the tree by myself. I have most of the time over the past few years. The kids, especially the boys, just aren't interested in it.

Just the presents...


Anonymous said...

Tree looks great :) Though, I have to say that it was not the most exciting 3 hours of my life :p But still enjoyed it ;)

Mr. NY

Tania said...

Thanks G :)

Oh Cyndy :( that would break my heart and my kids would get diddly squat for Christmas, I'm mean like that.

It was 4 hours and atleast you had alcohol! I didn't :P

Tesah said...

If it's bendy, how can it be OCTree?

Tania said...

Because the tip is perfectly bent :)