Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stress stress stress....hahaha....stress stress

Having OCD issues..

what ifs

worried about Elf gifts for tonight

This is actually a really good thing for me. I've always been worried about never doing the right thing, so taking on the Elf gifts for 25 women has been a good challenge.

I'll be honest and say that I've asked myself a million times "what if people don't like them" "what if they hate me for not buying the right thing with their money"

But.. I keep breathing and I know that it will all be ok... I just got used to nothing I ever did being right.. Prince William (world's best counsellor) would be proud of what I'm doing

I was hoping that names on the gifts wouldn't be necessary, and people could get random gifts (apart from the few gifts I bought for certain people) but lovely Lisa squished that one for me lol

There was a slight issue .. but it's all good now

It's hard buying for people that I have no idea of who they are and what they like, there's a mixture of gifts ... handmade ones from the markets, a stunning photo that made me stop walking and I immediately pictured who I would give that to, and others are from a lovely little shop in Berry who were quite patient with Boo, Allira and I taking up an area of their shop for over an hour.

Ahh ... it's all good, chocolate cake told me so


Hippy Witch said...

All will be well, do not stress, no one will hate you, everyone will enjoy the gift they get. I have put together a list of names but I don't have your email. I have just emailed it to Lisa to pass onto you, but Im not sure she will get back to her computer in time but its ok we can fix the names up tonight.

Faerie said...

That's it!

I'm gonna totally hate what you have bought me ... I have made up my mind and that's final ... not gonna budge ... so there!

Nah! Totally Open Hearted ... I am expecting the unexpected!


Tania said...

Thanks for your help Diana :)

Faerie, you'd better not hate it lol cos yours is super special ;)

Lisa said...

dont stress- all will be well xx

Myst_72 said...

I'm sure everyone will love their gifts, it's sounds like you've put a lot of thought into them, and that's what counts.


River said...

We all know that chocolate cake never lies.

Tesah said...

Wonderful gifts were had by all! Thanks so much to you and the girls, extra special elf!!

Anonymous said...

You did AMAZING. I LOVE mine. Thanks for the help too. And you all looked stunning tonight.

(Yes, I have brief net access again, for god knows how long... can't wait to get reconnected at home on friday!)

I'm proud of you too :)

Hugs and stuff, Jac xXx

Glain said...

I LOVE my gift!! It's perfect! More than I ever hoped for from $10!! You're the best :)