Thursday, April 13, 2006

First ever fat taunt!

I've never had one before, that I've known about anyway.
Even when I weighed 101kgs, I never heard anyone make fun of me, today a kid decided it was time.
I went to my youngest daughter's school for her Easter Hat Parade, as I was walking down the stairs at the school, I saw her and she yelled at some boy.....When I asked her what happened, she said the typical kid thing "nothing" I pushed because she looked so cranky and hurt.
"A tell me what happened"
"Jordan made a fat joke"
My heart sunk, I knew it must have been about me
"What did he say?"
"Mum no"
"A...tell me"
"He went like this (she puffed up her cheeks and used her arms to make the shape of a fat person and started waddle walking... and said) I'm A's mum give me some chocolate"
Wow, I was shocked, and hurt.
Today I was feeling good about myself, I'd had a really good swim this morning, pushed myself hard and cut 5 minutes off my 1km time. I was wearing dark denim jeans that I bought in a "Normal" shop and a white top. I thought I looked good :(
I suppose what shits me so much, is the well meaning people who say "You look good" "You're not overweight" blah blah blah when it's so obvious that I AM overweight. I know this kid is only 10, but kids tell the truth.
It totally destroyed every good feeling I had about myself, stupid little shit.
Haven't I had an awesome week!! oh yeah :)


Steph said...

aww babe. Put it in perspective. The kid is 10 and wanted to hang shit on your daughter. Anyone larger than a stick figure is fair game for kids to call "fat". They're looking for an imperfection, no matter how small, to pick on.

Don't let this purile bully get to you,and you have to laugh it off for your daughters sake too. If she see's that he got to you, she'll start to think, well, maybe he's right, and you don't want her to pick up on your body issues. YOu are by no means obese. You are working on changing your body image. You may have a way to go, but don't let the taunts of a child halt your progress.

T666 said...

yup i agree wit steph...

u got goals u gona let some lil dweeb stop u?


ill smack u down myslef if u do lol



Tania said...

Steph I love you (cyber friendshiply of course lol)

D you know I'd enjoy it ;)

I think one of the reasons I was upset was because I NEVER want my daughters to be ashamed of me, and I hope they aren't. My girls are amazing, I'm so lucky.

Steph said...

You're girls could never be ashamed of you. And i wubs ya right back xx