Monday, March 27, 2006

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming la la la

I've had a little bit of a binge lately, and it's been fun, but it's also gone straight to .. well everywhere! Saint Patrick's day night was one of the best nights out I've had in years and the following week was a busy haze of tafe, junk food, and kid's things, so this morning I decided to go swimming, it was a quick decision cos I woke up at 8:30 and the girls were ready to leave for school, I don't normally sleep in, I'm usually up before 7, but the little darlings let me sleep, so while I was still half asleep I thought some laps would be a good idea.
I get to the pool and there were about 20 people doing laps. The ocean pool is awesome, it's huge, it's fed by the ocean (obviously) and it gets cleaned regularly. I stood there looking at it, lots of people, me not so sexy in swimmers... should I or shouldn't I?
A guy about 70 wearing speedos said "You should hurry up they're closing at 9:30 for cleaning"
"hmm... I should go home then" I say happily cos it means I get out of exercising
"NOoooo get your half an hour in" he was quite encouraging
And luckily he was, because instead of turning around and going home, I went down to the pool, undressed as quickly as possible and got in the water.
The best thing about living in Australia, is that even though it's autumn here, the water was beautiful! and I started swimming, and I swam for the half an hour I had left and I remembered how much I love swimming!
When I was younger I would go to that pool and swim laps for hours, I'd swim kilometres and love every moment of it. It was a bit harder today I didn't quite do a kilometre, but I was close!
When I got out of the water, I felt exhilerated! like I could jog home (not bloody likely though) I drove around Newcastle with a smile on my face and my heart beating a bazillion miles an hour cos I am so out of shape :) but I felt great.
I'll be back in the pool tomorrow morning before tafe, seriously!


(6) said...

(6) says you would look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO so sexy in swimmers
you better go swimming in the morning! I WILL find out! You are a good chick! you have done so much you and A and B! have fun tommorow!
Luv ya!

T666 said...

T dats the feeling i get from surfing...
its exercise... but its also something more
the ocean is like another world
and u just come back from some wicked adventure...
the only problem is...
even tho u get the cool feeling reward at the end every time
the laziness always is their at the start telling u not to bother
u just goto force yourself to get out there
keep it up

Useless Man said...

Nothing like getting health and exercise advice from a 70 year old...

Thanks for the guilt trip old man...

Then again, I should listen to him too...

Steph said...

I adore swimming too. Much more fun and less stressful than fecking jogging.