Monday, March 13, 2006

Don't worry there wont be a nude calender

I am in so much pain!
On saturday my girls and I walked over to the shopping village in the next town, it's good exercise and there was a lingerie sale (I can't help it, I'm addicted) All my little darlings wanted was a soccer ball, B is a really good player, used to be on a school team when we lived in Wollongong, she really should be back on a team up here, something I need to look into. Ok, so anyway, we got the soccer ball and I got lingerie. We walk home past a huge park, so they want to play with the ball, I want to go home, they start kicking the ball around and pretty soon I've put down my bags and am kicking with them, barefoot and running around like a Matilda (exactly like one ok) We had so much fun! B keeps yelling "you're winning by losing mum!!"
(She'd read that on a fatty book)
So about an hour later we go home, my foot is bruised! I sit down on the lounge, they put a spongebob dvd on and pretty soon I'm fast asleep (huh?!) I didn't think kicking a ball around would exhaust me so much, I'm still a bit confused about that.
So the next day we decide to go and do it again (minus the lingerie shopping) I call D and ask him to bring his son C to play too (I know, my girls are A&B and we have D (the sweet guy) and his son C.. pity I didn't get my sister's name which starts with an E) This time I wore trackies (too sexy) and sneakers so I wouldn't bruise my foot, plus I had to have two pony tails just cos they're cute. So A, B, C, D and me played soccer for a couple of hours and I'm still "winning by losing" and today I'm sore! ouch ouch ouch even my butt hurts!
It didn't stop me going lingerie shopping today though hehehe
My mummy and I went to Tuggerah outlet stores, bras and things have really cheap stuff, I bought the el fako leather stuff, corset with matching g-string (I'll have to buy a riding crop, I have the FM boots already) my poor mummy almost needed to be revived "why are you buying that?!"
"Because if I am going away for a dirty weekend, then I want to make it worth his while" I said
"But but but" poor mum "wont you sweat in that?"
"no mum I doubt it will be on for long... why don't you get one and make dad's year?"
It cost me all of $9.95, I need to do something about this lingerie thing, I have to stop buying it!!!

My other big thrill of the day is going into Jeans West and trying on a normal pair of jeans, not the biggest size in the store, and they fit! I pulled them up, they got over my arse and they did up comfortably! even though there were thinny mirrors in the dressing room.. I looked good, I wanted to cry and run out screaming "look at me!!! normal jeans from a jeans shop!!!! not fat fake size 16 jeans from a fat chick shop!!!" See there's a thing happening at fat chick shops, 16/26 and fat options at target (I'm still allowed to call it that) size their clothes to make us sexy fat chicks feel good, I fit into size 16 jeans at 16/26 and fat options, but do you think I could fit into a 16 pair of jeans at jeans west or just jeans? hell nooooo, so fitting into jeans at a 'normal' shop is my biggest recent achievement, well that and not dying after playing soccer yesterday :)


T666 said...

vcool story t... lets c da naked calendir asap plus new lengeri shots !



Tania said...

haha.. no matter how much you ask, you know it wont happen

Holy Shit Batman said...

good on ya sweety! you are doing very good! love ya!