Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Facebook ?

Sooooo......... I'm bored bored bored.

Missing Boo, who I put on a bus today to go up the coast to spend a few days away from me and her sister. She's with the sweet boyfriend and his family and I am stressing!!!!!!
I texted the boyfriend and told him he'd better be at the bus stop to get her or I would be rather upset.. and of course he was, so I feel 0.5% better

I started up that Facebook thingy again, it has bad juju, but I am facing the facebook demons and trying to figure it out, seriously though is there a tutorial or something!

I am completely clueless!

a wall? photos that aren't even of me?

can't even have a glass of wine to sort through this!!

I need a tutor!!!!

love n smoodges


Anonymous said...

The 'Wall' is the publically outward facing portion of your entire facebook area. This is where people land when they click on your name anywhere. IT shows your latest comments, and conversations you're having with people, and photos you've posted recently etc. The photos that you didn't upload are there because someone has 'tagged' you in one of them. As soon as someone adds your name to a photo ('tagging') they appear in your photos as 'photos of you'. Anything else i can assist with? :)

Fluffy bunnies x

Kerry said...

Facebook. GRRRRRRRRRRR....

it is the enemy.
Even when i am busy as anything, yep, i still log on to see whats happening. And guess what? Its generally not much. But does that stop me? NOPE. And as for quizzes. They are so silly, but yep, i still do them too.

Tutorials, just keep clicking on things.

I seen the pics that arn't you. You can deleate them. Thats just weird.

Daughter away with boyfriend. WOW...am sure he will look afterher well.


Lisa said...

facebook is the scourge of all computer time and yet we still do it- i hate it and love it at the same time and those baby pics are way cool xx