Friday, July 17, 2009

Question time..When is someone considered family?

So... I have a friend and that has a family bbq to attend this weekend.
The friend's sister in law (SIL from now) has declared that it is FAMILY ONLY

And don't you dare attend if you aren't family!

Which means that friend's son's girlfriend (FS and FSG respectively) and friend's son's girlfriend's toddler son (FSGTS) are not 'allowed' to attend because they aren't considered family by SIL because FS and FSG aren't married! but they have been together for over a year!!
FSG has helped FS through a lot of tough times, always stood by him and helped him back on his feet and FS has been a daddy to her little boy.

Friend is very hurt and disgusted by this, and is considering not attending the bbq, she thinks FSG is being excluded because she is from a poor family and english is her second language and she has never been completely accepted.

So when does someone become 'family'?
and what would you do?


Lisa said...

bloody hell- these people should check their watches- they are a bout a century out of date- what sort of crap is this ?

boycott I say
boycott all the way
and tell them why !!!

Tania said...

I agree with you Lisa.

I wouldn't attend, and I'd take the girlfriend and her boy out for the day.

Kerry said...


there is no way that the BBQ should be attended.

These people need to jump into reality here.


That is one of the most rediculous things. People are so narrow minded.



There are better things to be done on that day for sure.

Jewell said...

i think some people just like to think they can control all things.......

just go out for the day and really enjoy yourselves....bugger the lot of them i'd say XXX

Tania said...

Very true Kerry :)

Jewell You hit it perfectly, it is about control.

Myst_72 said...

Who would want to go under those 'conditions'??
I wouldn't.

What a cow!!!
Hope it p*sses down all day and ruins her bbq!!


Dawn said...

Family to me isn't about blood. My ex's family ended up being more of a family to me than my own parents ever were and that was long before I'd even known them for a year.
Just goes to show that not all people are arseholes, and not all people are nice.
Always stick up for what you believe in.