Monday, August 10, 2009

Isn't this a lovely trip :)

Have had an eventful few weeks. Ups and downs and round and rounds

My visa stuff for Glen went 'missing'. Australia Post did their job of getting it to America within 3 days of me mailing it and then *poof* it disappeared. I paid for registered post and I will never ever do that again, cos as I have found on my numerous googles, they supposedly hang on to registered post articles for some reason. Why they would do this is beyond me. Glen and I both made numerous phone calls to USPS (United States Postal Service) Customs in LA and to Australia Post, and no one could/would tell us anything except what we could see for ourselves on the USPS website, which says That it was in LA awaiting delivery!
But it was delivered 8 days ago! (a month after I sent it) and the website still says it's in LA! hopeless hopeless hopeless!!!!

It was extremely stressful actually, because of the amount of info that was in that envelope that I would have to get done again. My friends who wrote the support statements were both going through their own personal problems, death and illness, and even though I made them aware of what was going on, I would never tell them to hurry up and write new statements. One of them was angry at me because she was worried that her identity would be stolen?! yeah hers would be stolen even though all that I had of her was a photocopied page of her passport, in that envelope was every damn identifying paper and photo that anyone could ever want of me. Luckily the papers were delivered about 4 hours after I spent hours and hours photocopying everything that I had to do to resend. After lots of tears (lots n lots n lots) our applications are at the embassy in Washington DC. If you're wondering why it took us this long to send our forms in, it's because the FBI took 5 months(!!!!!!!!!) to send Glen his report which was needed for the application.

I'm almost 6 months pregnant now, it's exciting and challenging.
Feeling this little one beating me on the inside is funny and the girls think it's hilarious watching her use me as a kicking/punching bag.
Blood pressure is perfect, weight is just zooming up, blah whatever, atleast I am strecth mark free, Glen still thinks I'm beautiful and I get compliments which is really lovely :)
Boo didn't help when one day she said "You dress like you've given up" lol trackies are comfy and I have eczema on my breast so I don't like wearing a bra, usually wear them when I leave the house, but that's it. The eczema came up when I was stressing about my Visa papers and it wont go away, can't use my steroid cream, and tea tree oil hasn't been proven safe in pregnancy. I'll have to ask my Doc, I'll write it on my hand because when I see her I forget about my breast.
It's hard to get in to see her at the moment.
Started having the dizzies, fast heart rate, short of breath etc, Just sitting at the computer or talking on the phone for a few minutes has me puffed and dizzy.
Tried getting into my Dr, no can do it was going to take over a week. Was quite bad last Friday, called Dr again, got a good receptionist who told me no appointments for over a week and a half and I said "what, does everyone think they've got swine flu" she said "exactly"
I explained what was going on, she said she'd talk to my Dr and get back to me, 15 mins later she called back and said my Dr wanted to see me that day. VERY happy about that. Spent the morning with my friend and if I wasn't with her I would have called an ambulance, I was in a bad way, apparently I was grey, nice complexion and I would have loved to have passed out, it would have been better than how I was while sitting in a chair.
Dr thinks I'm anemic, which I laughed at because at the time it was funny :)
She laughed at me when I was sitting on the chair because I was kind of spread out bogan like with my big belly, I said "Yes I know I'm huge" and she said "just think of the present you'll get at the end" and I said "Yep diamond earrings" she laughed, but I'm serious :)
So Glen, emerald cut diamonds, to match my engagement ring will be nice, thanks.

I am loving being pregnant though, it's a big difference to when I was pregnant with the girls, they were easy pregnancies (hell deliveries). I'm going to slow down on wearing jeans and tshirts, my tops ride up and Boo always feels like she has to pull it down for me lol I put a dress on yesterday and fell in love with my belly :)
I feel so feminine and blessed. I never thought we would get pregnant so easily, this baby just melts my heart, I adore every bump, kick, tumble that she does inside of me, I can't wait to meet her.

Names for our little one have been interesting, the boy was kind of easy, because Glen has a thing for the name Magnus, I refused but then gave in and said we could have it as a middle name because it's important to Glen and Glen's important to me.
So Saxon Magnus for a boy, both very strong, masculine names and the Magnus part has grown on me.
The girl's name is a bit harder though, we keep settling and I keep changing my mind. I've always loved the name Gisele, ever since I saw my dad's birth certificate and saw that his mum's name was Gisella, Boo was almost Gisele. We've settled on the first name as being Gisele, but I keep changing the middle name, I can't even remember what we had a few months ago, but now I like Gisele Rosalia, Rosalia was my dad's grandma's name. I like it, it's old fashioned and pretty. But now I like Gisele Aurelia (or ray lee yah) I just think Aurelia is so beautiful! and has a kind of mystical calmness about it.

Can't believe there's only 3 months left!! It's gone so quick!

shower time :)



Jewell said...

i know just where your coming from re the visa...i had issues with mine when i was trying to get mine for seemed to take ages then...wham approval...that was after i rang up and complianed about our case worker..very suck-up cow she was!!!!

it will all work out for you

hugs xxxx

Myst_72 said...

Typical of the postal system *cringe*.
I hope you're feeling better now!

My cousins daughters name is Giselle - named after a ballet or something? It's unusual and pretty :)

A friend I went to school with has just had her 8th child - WHA!!!???
She has Brittany, Gabrielle, Isabelle, Lily, Charlotte, Henry, Daisy and Lulu Blossom!!
Not sure about Lulu Blossom but I like the others :)


Tania said...

Thanks Jewell :) we hope so, but we've had to come up with a plan just in case it's not through by the middle of October, we really wanted to get married before our little one was born, but that might not happen now, but we will have a honeymoon married or not :)

Lulu Blossom? I laughed out loud at that!! it's cute though, but wow lol


Hippy Witch said...

for your eczema mix into some sorbelene cream, (20ml) 6 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of camomile & 2 drops of patchouli oil. It is safe for you to use. Would you like me to make you some. I know it works to keep eczema away. It may help reduce it. Blessings to you and your beautiful baby belly.

Tania said...

Thank you so much for the offer Diana :) I'd love some please