Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm special and I've got a parking thingo to prove it

I saw the teddy bear today, he said that I can quit taking the lyrica because it's doing diddly squat to ease the pain.
He discussed my options to stop the nerve being irritated and the pain in the elbow and wrist. They are.. transposing the nerve, which means lifting up the nerve at the elbow and moving it to the front of my arm where there will be less movement or transposing the nerve AND building up the something or other... I think he said cartilage...on the radial head because the 1mm that is missing is causing all sorts of problems at my elbow and wrist. The pain is driving me nuts!! "neuropathic pain" he gave me scripts for more pain relief and signed the forms for a parking permit which will come in handy when I'm in pain and need go to the shop and the girls aren't with me to carry stuff.
What it comes down to is more surgery, but hopefully my arm will be ok afterwards.

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