Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day to me and a Stray dog

Yes happy father's day to me, my kids don't have a father, not even one they see every fortnight or school holidays, so I am mum and dad. And every year my kids and I celebrate Father's day for me, I love that they recognise what I do on my own. A drew this in the sand, it says "Happy Father's day Mum" :)

The weather was beautiful so we went for a long long walk. We walked along the beach near where we live and then all along the coast up to Nobby's and down to the foreshore and into the mall. We had lunch at kentucky and on the walk home we saw a dog, trying to lick every crevice of the ground near a building looking for food, she was eating dead moths and anything else that was slightly edible. I had some left over chicken in my bag so I picked the meat off and gave it to her, it didn't even hit the ground, poor thing was starving. She started following us home, I decided she could and I would call the RSPCA. I was absolutely blown away by this dog. When we came to a crossing, I'd tell her to sit and she would, I'd say come and and she'd walk, her facial expressions were beautiful and heart warming. Touching a dog freaks me, I am slowly bringing myself to give Trev more than a couple of tap pats, but with this gorgeous dog... by the end of the day I was hugging her! I wanted to shower her with hugs and pats. My girls were stunned at the affection I was giving this dog, but they were just as affectionate :)

I called RSPCA and they weren't interested because she wasn't injured?! they told me to call the council and gave me a number, the man I spoke to said they'd finished collecting dogs for the day but I could take her to the 'surrender cages' at the RSPCA near where we are. Oh that knocked me, the thought of dumping this beauiful dog in a cage made me feel ill, but it was pretty much my only option because we live in flats. We stopped at coles so I could get her some food, the girls stayed o
utside with her and when I came out A was rubbing the dog's tummy, when the dog saw me she jumped up and came running wagging her tail! I LOVE THIS DOG! we went to the park across the road and I opened a tin off food, she inhaled it, she was so hungry, so I opened another one and that was gone just as quickly, she drank so much water, so thirsty... I wonder if anyone is missing her?

She ran around the park with A, both of them having a ball! She was picking up palm fronds and running off with them, jumping, playing, what a beautiful animal!

At home a couple of neighbours came over to see her, everyone had suggestions, but no one wanted to keep her, they all commented on how beautiful she is.

When I opened the car door for her, she jumped in and sat down, she looked adorable! We took her down to the beach, yes I was getting too attached to her but my reasoning was that if I was taking her to the RSPCA, she would go into a cage, if she wasn't microchipped then she'd be put up for adoption and if no one adopts her she'll be put down, so I wanted to make this day full of love and fun. When we got to the beach she walked with us and when her and A hit the sand, her personality came out! what an amazing animal, she became a massive bundle of fun, we laughed and ran all over the beach, she was jumping off the retaining walls and skidding through the sand, it was hillarious. She was playing fetch with the tennis ball and when she punctured it and it was stuck on her teeth, A stuck her hand in the dog's mouth and got the ball out... there was no fear from A and I, very bizarre behaviour from me, normally I'd be in a panic about those teeth.

When the dog was done she
went and sat next to B for a cuddle, it was so sweet, I took photos, I know I'm too attached lol

I really didn't want to take her to the surrender cages, it's going to be a cold night, I wanted her to be comfortable, so on the drive to the RSPCA, I pulled over and asked B to call her friend, her family was happy to have the dog for the night, I wish it was permanently but it isn't. I have to pick her up tomorrow and take her. I hope a miracle happens and they decide they want her.

I had such a ball playing with this dog, I know she was only given to us for a short time, but I wonder why she was even sent to us???

Does anyone want her? she is such an amazing animal, she had me cuddling her! I never thought I would ever hug a dog, but I really don't think that was the reason she came to us

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