Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Gratitude for the Goddesses on Earth

I am in so much pain with my arm, I really needed my special parking pass today when I did grocery shopping, but wont be seeing my teddy bear specialist til next Monday. So it's pain killers and rest today.. shouldn't be typing too much either.

I just want to write something quickly about how the advice and support from the women that I have become friends with, has been invaluable.

I am going to take from Lisa and start a Gratitude list
Hope that's ok with you Lisa ? :)

These important pieces of wisdom have lifted my spirits. I want people to read what Anchell, Helen, Renata and Lisa have written, I didn't just want to comment their comments. I spent the day thinking about what they have said. Wonderful, beautiful, wise women. You and all the others who have supported me and left me comments and emails are my Goddesses on Earth, I am grateful for you all, because of you I see my strength, I understand how to cope and survive and how to smile, the drama that V has created is not my problem. I am stronger than he will ever be.
(Oops, I should also mention that I am also grateful my my God on Earth, Prince William, who called me this morning and we had a little chat)

"Its all bullshit anyway so what can he do?

"you have taken his comtrol away from him so this is the only way he knows to try and get it back...keep strong we're all here for you lol"

"As usual the Goddess always chooses to test us when we feel that we have become strong.You have grown, yes you have, and know the Goddes is saying..."show me how much!".....Dont let this drive you back...let it be an opportunity for you to find a way round this....w.w."

"Overall- view yourself as a huge , strong fortress in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the worst storm in recorded history.
The waves crash, the thunder, lightening and hail rain down, but the tower stands strong- nothing can even dent it.
make yourself this tower-absolutly rooted to the spot- Ex is but a bit of hail and V is a bit of lightening.
They cant hurt you, you are too strong."

Thank you

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