Saturday, September 6, 2008


Frustration? nervous? angry? scared? worried?
who knows
I woke up this morning, too early, it wasn't even 6am, and I feel HORRIBLE! I'm not sure how I feel, or why I feel it, I just feel odd, maybe it's because I took that stupid pill at midnight.

Oh Hey! funny thing happened last night! My acoustic guitar played, on it's own! very bizarre, and funny. Boo and I were in the loungeroom, the guitar was about 6ft away from me, and it strummed, both Boo and I went WTF?! We went to the guitar to check it, I thought a string had snapped, but no the guitar is still perfect. We have a spirit who likes to play guitar, I hope they play more!

It's 7.15, the weather is horrendous, like it usually is around my birthday, my arm is aching, I need a coffee


Lisa said...

yep, it would be the pill at midnight for sure- try to get back to bed for an hour or two- I too have been awake most of the night and feel pretty pissy today.
Keep breathing Ivy and try some violet flame meditation !
and please get rid of word verification!

Anonymous said...

breathe....and as the ghost to play "stairway to heaven"!!!!w.w.

Tania said...

okily Miss Lisa, word verification is switched off :)

haha.. I'm hoping they will start taking requests! :)

Myst_72 said...


I had two guitars going here last night - no ghosts though just two teenage boys!