Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ode to op shops, garage sales, and cheap shit

Garage Sales and Op Shops

Oh garage sales and ops shops
You are my dirty pleasure
Every week I drive around
To find a beautiful treasure
This week it was lead crystal
A garnet ring, copper cauldrons,
and a mortar and pestle

Oh garage sales and op shops
You have a lot of booty
Why are you only run by old women
and not some sexy cutie?

Oh garage sales and op shops
sometimes you surely do smell
The festy clothes, the disgusting shoes
How the hell do they ever sell?

Oh garage sales and op shops
Guaranteed I will find something crappy
I can walk all day and find nothing
but it always makes me happy

Oh garage sales and op shops
You are my secret desire
I travel near and far
Excited about what I shall acquire
A candelabra? a grotty pot, A vintage dress?
but whatever I find, I know one thing
It wont be bloody silver glomesh!

by me :)


Myst_72 said...

Hmmm...I saw a silver glomesh bag on eBay the other day - it went for over $70....

Your post reminds me - I need a day out at the op shops....*sigh*


Tania said...

Hi G :) yeah they go for way too much on ebay, I got one last week on ebay but I still haven't heard from them 5 days later for some payment information, it's annoying me, my daughter thinks they're crabby cos it sold quite cheaply.
Op shopping is my therapy, few crappy things happened this week, ending well though :)

Myst_72 said...

Bah - I've had a bad run with eBay recently. Bloody liars. I've been buying and seeling on there for 8 years - and have put through two disputes recently.
A pair of 'new with tags' jeans - yer right - no tag - I email - 'what's going on where's the tag' - he writes back 'it must have fallen off' - I check the jeans closer...they have pilling inside the pockets!!! They had been worn and washed quite a few times (hard to tell with jeans these days).
He copped it let me tell you.
I'm usually patient and easy to get along with but this guy really pissed me off with his lies!!

So now I have quite the pile of clothes to sell - and no time to do it....

Glad your week finished up well :-)


Tania said...

Nothing worse on ebay than freakin liars. I HATE it when I ask them to let me know when they mail me my item and they say "I sent it this morning" a week later it still hasn't arrived and they tell me that "I have another one exactly the same so I'll send it to you asap" uh huh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, atleast I get what I bought.
When I was selling on ebay I worked my butt off to do the right thing by people, even wrapping things in chrissy paper for a couple of people who bought things for gifts when it was close to christmas.
Blah anyway.. yes things are better, apart from the compulsive eating, I just ate left over chocolate icing that was in the fridge :( stupid lyrica has a side effect of over eating, yay, c.a.n.'t s.t.o.p

Rylah/Jacqui said...

That's awesome Tania! :)

Tania said...

haha thanks Jacqui :)

Jewell said...

very funny hahah
cant say that i've been in many ops shops..i find that i see something in the window but when i go in....nothing

Tania said...

Thanks Helen :) I wasn't even medicated lol

Cyndy said...

I love the old, musty smell.... it reminds me of..... I don't know what really.. it just feels good.

Hi Tania,
I'm Lisa's cousin, Cyndy. I've been lurking you for a while, but have been doing some edits to my sidebar, & have added you. I hope you don't mind. ;0)

Tania said...

Hi Cyndy :) nice to 'meet' you, I'll add you to my side bar thingo too x