Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lalalala Happy tree friends

I am off my treeeeeee

I was trying to do an assignment for Tafe, due tomorrow, arm was aching in my elbow and wrist, which was making typing very difficult, so I took some endone. Lyrica supposedly makes endone less effective, so I took two endone... and now I am in slightly less pain and totally unable to concentrate enough to finish the assignment and I have just devoured a massive bag of nacho cheese doritos hahahaha

How the hell am I supposed to get a finish my course, get a job and be normal with this freakin pain, is there a job that requires I sit an the lounge all day?

Atleast I'm happy, life is good :)

Happy Thursday!


Lisa said...

smooch...are you coming to Jac's tomorrow for lunch ?

Tania said...

Yes indeedy I am going :) luckily I've already done tomorrow's class last semester.

Jewell said...

never mind enjoy the feeling while it lasts

Anonymous said...

What jewell said. Some people pay lots of money to feel like that ;)

“Better Things for Better Living … Through Chemistry.”

Mr. NY

Cyndy said...

Typing skills: awesome whilst on medication and eating doritos...... ;0)

Tania said...

Hi Cyndy :) hahaha thanks! but there was A LOT of backspacing