Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bikinis are me

Swimming again today, I love it! nothing to stress me, back to being free from everything!
Another kilometre, weather was blah, water was beautiful, I am so grateful to be living here.

I love going down to the pool on cloudy, rainy days, there's usually less than 10 people swimming and no one to go into my lane. I HATE people swimming in my lane, it's mine dammit. (Ok I was wrong when I told Lisa that there's nothing for me to be OCT(D) abo
ut at the pool, I get nervous when someone is in my lane when I get to the pool and have been known not to start my laps til my lane is free)

On cold days I jump straight into the water and after a few seconds of asking myself wtf am I doing in the freezing water, I remind myself that you work off more calories in cold water because your body works harder to keep you warm, plus I'll be toning up and being stunning.

Yesterday I went through my swimmer drawer and I have 14 bikinis! and one tankini. I like changing them around, swapping tops and bottoms, today it was silver bottoms and a black top, my theory is that I'll wear what I want and be happy being me, if people don't like it, then they don't have to look.

yes I know .. I'm gorgeous
any takers?


Cyndy said...

It doesn't matter what you weigh, you are very beautiful Tania.

Your pictures are lovely. Have you done modelling?

Faerie said...


Cyndy said...

Actually Tania, I've just been reading Bianca's blog; a gorgeous girl. Maybe she & my Vboy could get together: he's the same age, a lovely boy, and tall too. That is, unless Lisa's got her eye on Bianca for Josh......

It would be good if we could choose, wouldn't it? No more problem in-laws, just lots of good times with good people..... lol

Tania said...

Thank you :)

No, no modelling. The pics of me in white were done for my ex husband for valentines day a long time ago.

My daughter is gorgeous isn't she. pass on her blog to your son.
I'm sure they'd love it :)

Jen said...

Hi Tania

I sent you an email via Lisa re our SPF shopping trip duties!!!

Waatch your inbox :)

Luv Jen

Anonymous said...

Hey, you look like you've lost some weight since I last saw you. Your looking pretty sweet. That red looks flattering on you!!! Just a few more kilos to go now, and you won't have to worry about the boats and harpoons!


Mr. NY

River said...

I haven't been swimming in years. I have a problem with shoulder rotation. But I'm thinking of trying aquarobics as a way to get back into the water and hopefully lose a pound or three.

Tania said...

Oh you're such a sweetheart Glen :P

Hi River :) my arm is bad, so I use a kickboard and flippers for some laps.
Being in the water is the best exercise :)

River said...

Kickboard! Why didn't I think of that. I'll be checking out the local pool as soon as I find it.

Tania said...

You can get some nice kickboards now, mine's got dolphins on it, and you'll need flippers, because you wont move far with the kickboard
Have fun :)