Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take me Home

Sometimes I find a song that fills me with emotion and takes me on a journey and this song is one of them.

I have been watching a show called True Blood, and I LOVE it. During a heartbreaking scene in episode 6, there is an unbelievably haunting song, the song playing is called Take me Home by Lisbeth Scott.

On her website, Lisbeth says "I sing to comfort, heal, move, transport and awaken the divine voice within us all"

I love closing my eyes and going where the music takes me, I don't think of it as a song about death. I see myself on a beautiful green grass covered hill, I'm by a large tree, looking out into the distance, looking out at grass, hills and the ocean and I am peaceful and blessed. I assume it's my home in Scotland. I'm positive I lived there in a past life.. have you ever been somewhere and just felt like you'd come home?

When Mr NY and I went to Scotland, I had an overwhelming feeling that I'd 'come home' I felt so at peace there, I NEED to go back, it's not just a 'want' it's a definite 'need'. The photo on the side that looks black and white, is a place called Loch Awe, it was after 3pm and I was walking along the shore line, the sun was shining through the clouds and took the photo, with my 35mm canon slr and the photo came back greyscale, it was the only photo in the roll that came back the way it did, there's something in Scotland for me. While I'm off on my tangent, I'll add the photo here

I just love it.

Turning my tangent around and back to the song............

I love finding truly special songs

Please listen to it at (click the little play button, it's not very much of the song) or at (on the left hand side underneath "tracks" click the 'play' button and then open, I used real player)

Let me know what you think :)


The Tall Red Head said...

That is a lovely song! I just bought it on iTunes :)

Tania said...

I'm so glad you listened to it!
I bought it too :)

Myst_72 said...

Nice, I liked it :)


Tania said...

Hi G :)
Thanks for listening to it :)

River said...

I've been to many places here in Australia, we moved around a lot, but I've never yet walked into a place or even an area and felt "at home". I'm still looking for the place I belong to.
I haven't listened to the song yet.