Friday, October 24, 2008

Who am I

I was doing my YAAD homework today, left the "Who am I" bit til last.
I've read through the questions and have spent the past couple of hours thinking about who I am. What shaped the person I am now? I know that supposedly adults are a product of their upbringing, so our childhood makes us who we are. But I know there's more to it than that.
Do I like who I am? What made me who I am? What would I change about
I know relationships (with partners, not family) played a big part in who I am today...but at this moment..I like who I am today. I wont be defined by stereotypes, yes abuse shapes a person, but so does so many other things, there are a million things that make me me.
I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter, a niece, an aunty, a friend
I have OCD tendencies, I like to walk/ dance/
play in the rain. I always worry that I cause things to happen. I love my bed, I hate not having the security of my home, I had my wedding photos done in a cemetery and even though I'm divorced now, I still love the pictures. I used to weigh over 100kgs.....*and has been pointed out by someone who knows, the heat makes me a little cranky :P
here's more........

My full name- Tania Marie
- Age - 36

- Height - 160cm
- Natural hair colour- born blonde, but now it's brown I suppose
- Eye colour - blue/grey

- Number of siblings - 1 sister
- Glasses/contacts - Glasses for reading, driving at night etc

- Piercings - ears and another umm.. place. Had my nose and belly button done a years ago, but they're not in anymore
- Tattoos - 5

- Colour- turquoise
- Band - Godsmack

- Song - too many
- Stuffed animal - my bear Hudson
- Video game - Primal
- TV show - lots
- Movie - lots

- Book -
- Food - oh there are so many..

- Flower- they're all beautiful, but I love roses
- Scent - fresia, rose, gardenia, good food
- Animal -
- Cartoon- Brandy and Mr Whiskers, Spongebob


Play an instrument? no
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? no
Like to sing? yes
Have a job? no

Have a cell phone? yes
Like to play sports? not
Have a boyfriend? no
Have a crush on someone? no
Live somewhere NOT in the united states? yes
Have more than 5 TVs in your house? no
Have any special talents/skills? I am creative

Have any faults? I forget bad things people do to me too quickly. I think I can help make people happy.
Exercise daily? most days

Speak any other languages? no
Go a day without food? yes, have gone a few days without it
Stay up for more than 24 hours? have done it
Read music, not just tabs? nope
Roll your tongue? no
Eat a whole pizza? yeah.. sadly lol

Seen a shooting star? yes
Been to any other countries besides the united states? yes... Canada, England, Scotland, Vanuatu
Had a serious surgery? it's all serious

Stolen something important to someone else? no
Gone out in public in your pajamas? yes
Been arrested? arrested, not charged
Done drugs? smoked a few joints

Laughed and had milk come out of your nose? not milk, coffee
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? yes
Been in love? yes
Been to a casino? yes

Ran over an animal and killed it? no
Broken a bone? yes
Gotten stitches? yes
Gone skinny dipping in winter? yes

Made homemade muffins? yes
Been to niagra falls? yes


Brushed your teeth - this afternoon
Saw A Movie In Theaters - about a month ago- Dark Knight
Read a book - this week
Went to the grocery store - yesterday

Got sick - July
Cursed – today
Fruit/vegetables - vegies

Black/white - black
Lights on/lights off - off
TV/movie - good tv
Car/truck - car

Body spray/lotion - what ever I'm in the mood for
Pillows/blankets - both
Headache/stomach ache - stomach
Paint/charcoal - charcoal

Chinese food/mexican food - mexican
Summer/winter - winter
Snow/rain - snow

Fog/misty - misty
Rock/rap - rock
Meat/vegetarian - meat
Chocolate/vanilla - chocolate
Sprinkles/icing - icing
Cake/pie - cake
French toast/french fries - chips :P
Strawberries/blueberries - strawberries

Ocean/swimming pool -ocean swimming pool
Hugs/kisses - depends
Cookies/muffins - either
Moon/mars - Moon

Have you ever been in love? Yes
Are you single? yes

Are you in a relationship? no
Do you believe there is someone for everyone? yes
What is your idea of the best date? somewhere
comfortable- warm weather, picnic on the beach with wine, and then a walk. Cold weather- cosy restaurant
What was your first kiss like? On a bus, scared to death

How old were you when you got your first kiss? 13
Do you think love is a load of shit? sometimes when I'm feeling cynical

Free - peace
Space - stars
Taste - chocolate mousse and rasberries

Red - rose
Deep - ocean
Heart - break
Rain - dance
Bed - mine
Jump - joy


am - happy
want - love
need - hugs

crave - hugs
love - too easily
hate - crying
feel - relaxed
miss - travelling
am annoyed by - stupid people
would rather - be in Scotland
am tired of - my sore arm
will always - love my children

What is your favourite genre of music? hard rock
What time is it now? 4pm
What day is it? Friday

Whens the last time you called someone? 2:15pm
How much money do you have right now? $7
Are you hungry? no

Do you like parades? depends.. boring ones no, but ones like "Rolling Thunder" in Washington DC was pretty awesome to watch
Do you like the moon? yes I do
What are you going to do when youre done with this? try and nap
If you could have any magical power what would it be? the ability to do what ever I want l
ike Jeanie in I dream of Jeanie
Have you ever had a picnic? yes

funny? yes
pretty? sometimes
sarcastic? yes
lazy? yes

hyper? sometimes, ok rarely
friendly? yes
evil? no
smart? yes

strong? yes
talented? no
dorky? no

Sky dive? yes

Play strip poker? done it
Run away? done it
Not take a shower for a week? god no
Ask someone out? done it
Visit a foreign country for more than a month? went to America for 3 months
Go scuba diving? done it

Write a book? would love to
Become a rockstar? hahahaa


Jewell said...

wow that's great homework...haven't even started mine!!!!

i figure i've got a couple of extra weeks due to cottage close down :-)

Tania said...

Isn't it due soon? I have no idea :)

Lisa said...

its due soon- will check the date x

Anonymous said...

Jeez, that is some homework. I would have given up answering around the tenth question hehe

Though, I think you forgot to add that when you are hot, you become like lizzy borden. Just not swinging a hatchet :p

Mr. NY

Anchell said...

Now separate what you do from who you are....does your head in totally


Myst_72 said...

Love the photos!


Tania said...

Thanks G :)
I thought I should add pics from different stages of my life, even one of me at 101kgs (in the pink shirt with the cat) the most recent are the bottom two


Rylah/Jacqui said...

Those photos of you are beautiful, T, all of them. You're gorgeous. x

I think I might steal this and do my own! I love quizzes and memes.

I have to say I'm intensely curious about "another um... place"

Do spill! ;)

Tania said...

Thanks Jacqui :)

I'm glad you did it too, Bianca has one on her blog as well.

The other 'place'... well it's not nipples lol

bianca. said...

i'm truly finding the answers about piercings disturbing.
please, for the love of God, do NOT spill.