Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super excitingly MOIST!

Everyone will be happy to know that I bought my vitex agnus castus and therefor should no longer have that debilitating PMT(S) (can't believe I went all american and used pms)
I think I associated it with the abuser because I couldn't understand why I was bawling and just decided it would have to be about him cos what else do I have to be unhappy about.
It was very nice being in time with the full moon, it's rare for me to get them so to happen on a full moon was special for me :)

Earlier this week I made a decision to put tafe on hold and I'm still trying to get my head around it, but I think it's the right thing to do.I am taking too much endone or oxycontin because my elbow hurts from the writing or from typing too much, and I actually need to concentrate and have a clear head and those two pills make it impossible for me to be able to think clearly.
I need to get other things sorted first.
I was told I need another surgery on my arm.
And I am having a big clutter clean out, clutter from my mind and home and only two days in I am feeling good. It's taking ages because....
"hello my name is Tania and I am a hoarder, it's been six days since I've bought something that I don't really NEED"

Yes I am a hoarder but everything has it's place, the bookshelves are done in category and height, the crystals are done in patterns that mean something to me etc etc
I am enjoying my clean out, I'm still doing the loungeroom, it's been two days, but I've done everything from put the playstation games into alphabetical order (Buzz big quiz comes before Buzz monsters... yes yes I have issues), sort cables and plug the dvd and video into the stereo correctly to moving furniture and putting my crystals where I can see them better. I never thought I'd admit it, but I am enjoying cleaning, LOVING cleaning, cleaning PROPERLY. The only problem is is that when it's done I will be even more OCT(D) so doing it slowly will be better

my super moistalicious thing is that the Amazing Race is back on tv tonight YAY!!!!!!
I have been watching it since it was on tv at 10.30pm or later, way way back when I was living in Wollongong.

p.s I miss you Lisa


River said...

Hi, I've been reading a while and like your blog. I'm a semi-hoarder, that is I hoard stuff, but do a major de-clutter probably a couple of times a year. I'm here to tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with organising your stuff. My books are alphabetized by author, my cd's are alphabetized by singer, my dvd's are alphabetized by title. It makes it so much easier to find the one I want. nothing wrong with making life easier in my opinion.

Tania said...

Hi River :)
Organising is great! It DOES make life easier, until my kids mess the order up and my heart beats faster and I panic.. I have to remember that it's ok lol

Anonymous said...

Whats better? an organized mess or chaotic order?

Remember, The less stuff you own, the more space you have. But its good that you are taking steps to get your life organized again.

Though, i never knew you to love cleaning! :p

Mr. NY

Lisa said...

sounds like your ANu energy is already at work.excellent........

Tania said...

yes dear, I love cleaning :P I still have the sign you gave me "sexy women have messy houses" I'm sexily messy :P:P:P

And Lisa my beautiful Anu is wonderful, I actually started cleaning in the area where she's been sitting, just realised that :)