Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahhh... I needed that

We spent three days in Wollongong and it was wonderful!

We lived there for 9 years, moved back to Newcastle early 2003, and have only visited friends once in the last 5 years. So it was good to go back down.

First thing we did was go to the Nan Tien Temple

I went there a lot when I lived in Wollongong, it was my 'run away' place, it's very peaceful.

This weekend was the most amount of people I have ever seen there! I used to go early when the majority of tourists weren't there. There are so many beautiful things to see, I didn't notice any changes, and I definitely have to go there for a meditation retreat weekend, anyone else interested???

The guides are more than happy to answer any questions and are really lovely people. I used to know what all the colours on the statues were for, I knew why their hands were in the position they were, and now the only things I can remember are that their long earlobes are for long life and the swastika symbol is actually a reverse to the Nazi swastika, because if you were to spin them the Buddhist symbol would spread energy out and the Nazi symbol would drag it into the centre.
It bothers me that I have forgotten almost everything :(

It's a beautiful place to wander, so many things to see, the museum has some amazing artefacts etc
The restaurant is all you can eat vegetarian and is delicious!!
Yes I think I weekend there is what I need.

Long time ago I'd wander through Corrimal and I would always
go into Boz's shop. It was a unique little shop down there, full of crystals, books, jewellery, clothes, incense, candles, soaps etc etc etc Eventually I'd talk more to Boz, I didn't really know many people in Wollongong, so I'd go and visit Boz and we'd chat, then I started working there occasionally and I LOVED it, being in there was special. If I was still in Wollongong, I'd definitely still be working with her.

ay... Boz and John closed the shop and created a beautiful oasis at their home in Mangerton. I couldn't believe it when I walked through the gate! It was so different to how it was 5 years ago. They should be so proud of themselves! They've always wanted to work from home, so they built a little studio, where they can do all sorts of therapies and waxing, tanning etc, It's called NuYu (which is what the shop was called) They have been studying for years and are such wonderful people, who are so good at what they do.

John did a Microcurrent treatment for the pain in my elbow and I can definitely notice a difference.
So if you're ever in Wollongong go and see Boz
and John :)

We went to Berry and Kiama, to wander through the shops and the markets. I bought crystals and macadamia oil.
But my favourite find was all the sea glass!! I was in sea glass heaven. Wandering along the shore, we found so much glass, I wish I didn't have to come home yesterday, I could've spent hours finding more. We got pieces of purple and cobalt blue! rare pieces! All because Allira wanted to see how cold the water was.

So now we're home and relaxed and I am looking forward to going back. And an Outback Steakhouse has opened in Fairy Meadow (near Wollongong) I Loved going there in NY, hope their Alice Springs chicken tastes as good here.
So who wants to come for a meditation retreat? :)


Jen said...

isnt that the silent retreat?? i would go mad(der) being stuck in my head with only me for company.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they have the "thunder from down under"?

Glad you have a wonderful time back in wolly! :)

Mr. NY

Tania said...

Silent retreat.. hmm.. I have no idea, lol I think I'd go nutser too, but I'm willing to give it a go :)

Menu is still in the car, too far to walk to have a look :) some of the names have changed cos Aussie's would go "wtf? THEY'RE PRAWNS GODDAMMIT" etc, but they still have the 'bloomin onion' which is supposedly and Aussie delicacy

Lisa said...

never a meditation retreat- it almsot killed Diana!!

Tania said...

really?? why?
Maybe I'm just looking for another much needed escape