Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Non medicated amusement :)

Ok listen up
quit chucking crap my way... ok? seriously, no more. I think I've shown that I can climb out of that dark horrid place way too many times, so enough is enough.

This comment sticks with me

As usual the Goddess always chooses to test us when we feel that we have become strong.You have grown, yes you have, and know the Goddess is saying..."show me how much!".....Don't let this drive you back...let it be an opportunity for you to find a way round this....w.w.

It turns on a bit of a light to think this way and to know that sometimes a test is good.

But I'm starting to think the Goddesses are laughing at me, sitting there, watching the world, drinking champagne, slightly tipsy, playing a game..

"what can we throw at her now.. how about this?
"hahaha nooooo we can do better than that"
"awww she's crying..pfft lightweight.."

It's a little bit funny to think of it this way, and does amuse me (I amuse easily)
And surprisingly helps me be stronger.

It's all good :)


Lisa said...

Anu will make a difference- really she will. Her energies cause cleaning and healing.

If the goddess is laughing it is with joy at the growth you are going through- choas lead to enlightenment.

That guy IS AN ASS.

He treated you like shit and he saw nothing wrong with that. How could he ever change when in truth he saw nothing about himself that needed changing?

By letting it go, you will create a vaccuum and nature, as we know, abhors that- you have the potential now to fill your life with love and happiness.

Get to acceptance- the rest will fall into place

Lisa xx

Tania said...

I love my Anu, she is sitting with me now, she makes me smile :) Thank you.

And you are very right about bastard ex which is why I was so confused about why I was having feelings of missing him, when I hadn't felt like that in weeks, possibly months!

I've made another major decision today about my path, it's worrying slightly, but I think it's what I need to do for my over all health right now :)


Anchell said...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing....when we finally get there

Sometimes it seems easier to stay in the pain because at least it is familar!

But at the end of the tunnel lies the hindsight and the light so its far far better to just keep plodding towards it...one step at a time.