Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Breathe

My mood changed last week after having been so good for so long..
Having realised what it was that caused it, I took measures so it doesn't happen again. I am enjoying the way my mind is working now, having had it be a foggy mess for too long.

The economy isn't the best, Christmas is coming, people are worried.
I have a tiny flat, a mountain of bills, a buggered right arm, and a smile that isn't leaving my face

This has been a fantastic week, Mr Rudd's little bonus will come in handy, we're deciding as a family where it should go. I cashed in some flybuys points to get some KMart vouchers for buying Christmas pressies, I got a survey worth 600 points which will get me a $50 fuel card, my rehabilitation place is giving me $150 to cover 3 of my counselling sessions (must send the receipts tomorrow) My neighbour took me out to dinner, nice guy.. his massive German Shepherd dog loves me.. I'm supposedly the first person Tal (the dog) has adored, he doesn't bark at me, I can walk into mickscott's yard and Tal brings me his ball...hahaha very funny because he's a guard dog :)

One day at a time, breathe through everything, relax, ask myself questions, take my vitex agnus castus, unclutter my house (I'm still working on the loungeroom, and I'm still enjoying it) take a break when I need it, do yoga, go swimming... life truly is wonderful :)


Jewell said...

this is great to hear..well to you xxxx

fyrespryte. said...

don't forget you have awesome children.