Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Washing the stupid off

I went swimming this morning.

I haven't been swimming in months, I needed to do laps at Merewether because it's probably the only place I go where I can feel completely free.

It was overcast and cool, the water temp was 18, and I was happy.

Lots to think about, wondered how many laps I would do considering that it's been so long, I didn't need to worry, I swam a kilometre, 20 laps. That's my usual, but on occasion I do more, up to 60 laps. Maybe I should have done more. I'm going to start swimming daily again

I wasn't as free minded as I usually am when I swim, the whole time I was thinking about everything that has happened over the last few months, including Saturday night. I had a good night and that's all that should be important.

I need to lose this d
amn weight so I can't blame everything on it.
What is it? do you see me for me, not my fat, my huge thighs, my fat gut, don't tell me I'm beautiful if you don't mean it. Does it bother you that I am what I am... in every aspect of me?

letting it go now