Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ye Olde Tania of the Tangent

I'm feeling a touch blerty today, so I'll be going off on all sorts of tangents
Get it all out in one long blog post

Swimming is still awesomely brilliant, I've lost 2 kilos this week, and I can see some toning, yay me :)
Had to buy a new sunscreen, my skin is so sensitive. Our sunscreens just weren't doing their job and I do buy good ones, with the correct UVB UVA protector thingos and still get burned. A few years ago when I wasn't wearing sunscreen, I got 2nd degree burns on my chest when the girls and I went for a walk. Boo had sunscreen on, Allira didn't and all she got was a pink nose. I was at the friggin hospital a week later in absolute agony still,
I still have an obviously different area on my chest all year round, stupid stupid stupid, see told you I was stupid.

Disturbed is an awesome band, so strong in their music and lyrics, fills me up and makes me want to sing loud! I'm Alive, Overburdened, Guarded and Ten Thousand Fists, are brilliant. Would've loved to have seen them in concert again. I saw them in NY in 2000 with Godsmack and Stone Temple Pilots. BEST.CONCERT.EVER

Timmy asked me to a Halloween party last night, was so much fun!!!! I love dressing up and being someone else. I was looking oh so sexy last night in my vinyl dress, can't believe I could get into it! long black velvet gloves, high high FM boots, lots of makeup and Boo straightened my hair and I looked like every mother should look, like an awesomely sexy don't fuck with me Mistress. I had no idea whose party we were going to, I just knew I needed to go out and have fun, and fun I had!
I drank, I laughed, I danced, I drank, I made friends, I gave out too much information, I drank, I broke my FM boots on uneven ground and hurt my ankle, so I drank some more! and came home and got Boo's sweet flat red shoes which she told me to wear before I first left for the party, it's funny that she was giving me motherly advice. So I went back to the party, thanks to Nathan driving me and drank some more!
We left that party and went to another one and I must have been a novelty cos I was adored as I should be and had numerous requests for the pleasure of my company. I left many blue lipstick smoodges. Oh yeah and I drank some more

I finally crawled home at 4am and then got online to torment Mr NY hahahahaha was fun wasn't it :P
Finally got to sleep about 6am and woke up at 11:15am to a sore ankle and a barrage of questions from Allira, but all I heard was thump thump thump, jesus is that what a hangover feels like? never had one before, I credit the good german drinking genes lol went to make coffee and god friggin dammit there was no milk, still half asleep put on a singlet and a skirt and went to walk down to the shop to get milk, Allira said "mum atleast put a bra on" pffft
I got milk and all sorts of crap I never buy, I haven't bought a Saturday paper in ages! I hate the way they look messy, I also bought a coke zero, blerk, yuck, I don't drink coke. But I had coffee when I got home.

Oh something funny, watching an add for a pizza and it has a ton of different meats on it, Allira says "jeeeez it's like sucking on a pig" hahahahahaha she's funny

I took a couple of advil and a few hours later Allira and I walked 6kms to go and get my car from Timmy's place, I could've caught the bus but I needed to work off alcohol calories.

I had such a good night!

I HATE being ignored, makes me insane. If I've done something to piss you off, then tell me, but don't ignore me, that's so fucking childish and I'm better without that hurt in my life

Something I have been telling myself for the past few months
I wont be anyone's "option" EVER again

How bad was the weather yesterday! 36 degrees!!, I swam 1.6kms, I only got out of the water when my mind went blank and I couldn't remember what I'd done.
I hate hate hate high temps, yes I'm supposedly like Lizzie Borden :P Closing all the blinds first thing in the morning makes a huge difference to the temperature inside our place, we don't have air conditioning so we have to do something so I don't go mental

I haven't eaten today, I should probably get something, but i'm not hungry either, probably just have an Xndo... watch out for another eating disorder

Hahahaha Iron Chef is flipping hillarious, the voice overs are so funny, they're too enthusiastic, I love the way they voice over everything including the laughs, cos you know, we wouldn't understand a Japanese laugh, it's so different to an English one

Boo is happy now, I've got cream for my eczema,
I think she was getting sick of me walking around with my breasts out saying '"LOOK AT MY BOOB.... LOOK AT IT!!!"
because I was scratching the hell out of it and it was all red and hiddeous
she'd calmly say "Mum, put it away and go to the doctor"
So I finally went to the doctor. I was trying to clear it up myself, but it wasn't working.
Stupid eczema, I get it when I'm stressed.

hmm... I think I'm hungry
The cat is next to me snoring
I want to add photos from last night dammit, but I have no idea where the cable to get the pics off my phone is.

have a great weekend everyone :)

toodle pip


bianca. said...

we seem to have some full-on role reversal going.
and i told you you should have worn the red shoes.

R.E.II said...

I think we share an interest in mermaids?
I would like to return to your page, would you like to connect blogs?
Red Eyes II

I hope you can bring me here on that broom :)

Cyndy said...



Tania said...

Yes my darling, I should have worn the red shoes :P

Hi R.E, love mermaids :) link blogs? what's that?

You calling me a ho Cyndy? ;)

Jewell said...

a ho....well if the shoe fits...hehehe or breaks...hehehe

great to hear you had such a good time...we all need to blow the cobwebs away now and again xxx

River said...

Why would anyone buy coke zero when they don't drink it? Did you pick it up in mistake for something else?
Re previous comments. I thought I'd try without flippers, since distance isn't my goal. I want to work muscles that have been sitting in the computer chair for much longer than I like to think about.

Tania said...

hahahaha thanks Jewell :P

I got the coke because I thought it would pep me up, I was feeling slightly seedy lol and then when I had some I remembered why I hated it :)

Myst_72 said...

Sounds like a great night!

Sign of a good parent, when the kids start giving good advice :)


Anonymous said...

uhg...coke. Stuff is filthy! Remember, if a drink can peel paint off a car bonnet, it cannot be that good for you. ;)

Yes, the torment you caused me on Friday evening (Saturday morning) was very painful and almost unbearable!! Can you do it to me again? :p

I'm glad someone at network got it right though. I never understood those Asian laughs either. Now if they could just do something with those d*mn pommy accents.!!! ;)