Wednesday, November 5, 2008




staying in bed
the world's best bed, no.. the universe's best bed
slept 10 hours, was lovely,
have nails in my throat

the cats wont get me my book which is way over there, and I need a drink, wonder if I'll dehydrate before the girls get home... why do I have cats if they can't take care of me!

why the hell do we need live coverage of the election in the US???!?!?
(3 hours on channel 7 and 4 hours on channel 9)
seriously! 30 minutes tops if we have to, but 4 friggin hours?!
thank god for doc phil and oprah...
blah, I think I'll knock myself out before then




Cyndy said...

You have a computer in your bed, Tania?

Or did the cat bring it in for you, and is now too tired to get you that book?........

I hope you feel better soon

Tania said...

silly cats don't bring me anything, not even animals (live ones) like my old cat used to.
And yes I have my laptop in my bedroom so my kids don't destroy it and I can watch movies :)