Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dream realised? I think so

Congratulations to Barack Obama and his family!
I think it is wonderful that he is President of the United States.
His speeches are awe inspiring, uplifting and fills me with hope. Even though I'm not American, I am aware that what ever happens in that country, there is a ripple effect.

So many people voted for the first time, because unlike here, it's not compulsory to vote in the US.
When people aged over 100, are voting for the first time, it's quite obvious that they're ready for change.

It's an amazing opportunity

Months ago when I saw him say this

“I think about my own two daughters, Sasha and Malia; and, sometimes it makes me stop and it makes me wonder, ‘What kind of America will our daughters grow up in? What kind of America will our daughters grow up in? Will our daughters grow up with the same opportunities as our sons? Will our daughters have the same rights, the same dreams and the same freedoms to pursue their own version of happiness?’”

That simple speech to me showed how passionate he was about his family, about people, equality and change and I knew he'd win, I just knew as a lot of people did and I annoyed someone with it quite often.

I am well aware that he doesn't have a magic wand to make every perfect overnight
But I do believe It is the start of something truly special

He is the President of the United States, and he just happens to be black

Poor Boo is just disappointed that there wont be anymore Sarah Palin videos on Saturday night Live lol