Thursday, November 20, 2008

I HATE? no....I LOVE... pt 4

I could've made this an "I HATE" post but I have decided to make it into a positive.


Finding the strength that I forgot I had and being strong enough to use it!

This morning I took Allira to her new High School for orientation and to hand in her enrolment forms.
After the quick parent meeting I went to the office to discuss financial assistance.
I don't like asking for financial help, but I'm learning that it's there for a reason.
I spoke to the lady at the office with a smile and a "good morning" and explained to her that a little help may be required and how do I go about getting that.

She got the news letter and showed me that the yr 7 contributions are about $50 which is for cooking and a couple of other things. Then she showed me the list for year 8 and holy crap that was HUGE! I said ok next year should be fine, it will be year 8 that will be a problem. Office lady then says...

"Well, so you can afford the fees, your daughter should choose the less expensive subjects"


Hang on one friggin second lady.

Oh I was fuming inside, 6 months ago I would have just said "ok" but not anymore!

I kept the smile on my face, looked at her and calmly said

"Just because we don't have a lot of money does NOT mean that my daughter should be disadvantaged during her education, financial support is available at schools for a reason, and my daughter will be choosing the subjects that she wants to do"

I was very proud of myself for calmly telling her that what she said was downright rude.

Because I don't smell like alcohol, or cigarettes and am not walking around stoned
Because I am not a minority
Because I look younger than I am
Because I am articulate
Because I dress cleanly and I match
DOESN'T mean we have money and it DOESN'T mean that people can speak to me the way she did!!

My jeans cost me $3 at an op shop and my top was $10 and I look damn good! My family is a good example of how well people can dress without having much money and buying a lot of stuff at op shops.

That woman and others like her should NEVER assume that someone can afford something that should be free in the first place!

Financial assistance in schools should be available to all students who need it!
Whether they come from a previously well off family who has hit hard times, or they are a child who's parent's don't have their best interests at heart.
NO ONE should EVER be made to feel like they are a lesser person because they aren't rolling in money.

It's not fun asking for financial help, it's actually quite humiliating for me, I know it wont always be like this though..

Ahhh........yes, Strength... I has it


Áine/Steph said...

Good on you!

Office ladies can be real bitches. I don't know why, it just seems to come with the job!

I'm seriously impressed. :)

Steph xx

Anonymous said...

Stay strong as you can,heaven help those small minded people at the school because they are going to need it.The 3 fold law will see to this I am sure,I have been at both ends of the 3 fold law(and I know what end I would rather be at). You are doing a great job. x

Anchell said...

Very good!

I agree wholeheartedly.


Hippy Witch said...

Good on you, I understand completely, I remember being in the exact same position, when I was alone with my 2 kids, and I agree completely you do not need a lot of money to be clean, look good and eat well. You just don't waste money on drugs and alcohol, and it very hard to ask for assistance but it does get easier when you practice a little. Honour your strength Tania.

Jen said...

Oh dear - what a bitch.

I am a school 'office lady' and on behalf of all of us 'nice' ones - i would like to apologise for all those nasty bitches who think the money is coming out of their OWN pocket.

You go for it - as you said, it is there for a reason.


P.s. - could you send me another email with you phone number please - re 'elf duties'.


Myst_72 said...


Keep up up 'young' lady - he he (we are the same age).
I've had all of the attitude because of my age.
My problem was that we'd pay $500 in fees for grade 7 - for which Small Man attended about 2 weeks - so when it came to grade 8 I asked for a reduction in fees or assistance (the last few years were a major struggle for us).
I got the assistance.
It is there for people that need it - and if you're entitled - go for it I say.


Anonymous said...

It seems that office ladies there are the same here. For every nice office lady, there are 2 that shouldn't be in any public interaction position. Its not hard to be nice, but these people seem to take pleasure in being bitches. It's not your fault that you arent rolling in money. Maybe that bitch hasn't been laid in a while.

Good on you though. Alliras a smart lass, and should be able to get the education she deserves.

Mr. Ny

Myst_72 said...

Ha! I meant keep IT up....

working til midnight no good for my brain!


Cyndy said...

Is this a public or private school, Tania?

My kids have always attended a public school & I always paid my fees until I just couldn't afford the "free" education that my kids were entitled to. The fees for electives from yr 9, together with the excursion/activity fees & cost of upkeeping uniforms to 3 growing kids made it too hard to pay the "voluntary" contribution, so I only paid what I was able to manage. There should never be any retribution for families who are disadvantaged financially. Aren't schools are given funding to help kids that come from families that are doing it tough, so there is a benefit to schools to encourage kids to enrol?

I also had a big whinge about the proposed elitist (to me, anyway) Yr 10 mid-year ski trip, and end of year trip to the either the Gold Coast, or.... wait for it.... America. As far as I was concerned, only some of the kids could have gone, so how does that make it a "bonding" experience.... what about the ones that couldn't go, or worse, had parents who would over-extend themselves so that their kids wouldn't miss out?.. Elitist crap... a couple of days together at Nelson's Bay or up the North Coast would have been more appropriate.
In the end, the ones that would have always gone skiing with their family, did so. And the end of year trip was a fizzer...

Good on you for sticking up for yourself, Tania ;0)

anni said...

Education and medical care should not be tired to finances when it comes to our children. We should give all children equal access to the best of all. Wouldn't that just make the world better for all of us? I'm sorry you had to feel this. Your daughter deserves the best!