Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fuck off, leave me alone, don't call me, shut up

Why is it that my ex ex boyfriend's mother (not the last abuser, the one before that) feels the need to call me?
She's a nice woman, but extremely domineering and someone you wouldn't want to cross. So when she'd call, I'd listen, and make the occasional grunt, until one night Boo said to me "Why did you give up an hour of your life to talk to her?"
A light went on in my head.. exactly! why the hell am I taking time out of my life to listen to her wark on about the son who hurt me? The lying one who convinced me he had bowel cancer and was getting radiotherapy at the john hunter, yeah the john hunter doesn't do radiotherapy! but I believed him when he said he wanted to go alone and didn't want me turning up out of the blue. I supported him through all his friggin custody hearings, got high blood pressure, ended up on all sorts of medication from the stress, and then I get traded in, as his mother said one day "He doesn't need you anymore, you served your purpose" Pfft yes, I SUCK at choosing decent men.
She called tonight re: my fish tank which was taken to her place, and she conveniently snuck into the conversation did I "know that the ex is now engaged to the 23yr old neighbour that I was dumped for ?" no I didn't know, "well it was in the paper" I don't care "I just thought you might like to know" fuck off and die.
I am soooooooooooooooo much happier not having a mother in-law
Yes I am having a 15 minute pity party because I am pissed that everyone, yes EVERYONE'S life is moving forward except mine....
It's a pity party and I am allowed to be unreasonable
And I am also the happiest I have been in years, thank Goddess for Prince William and alcohol :P
Just kidding, I don't drink... much

ok over it


Myst_72 said...

Oh no stuff that for a joke!
I have a job to speak to my actual mother in law - let alone an ex MIL!
'He doesn't need you any more' - seems like she does if she's still ringing!

I 100% agree with you on 'fuck off, leave me alone, don't call me, shut up'


Jen said...

Tania - I have accidently deleted the email you sent me - actually, I accidently deleted ALL my emails :( so could you please send me another one with your contact details...


in the process of swapping computers and everything is everywhere. Only working a couple of days this week so I will be able to contact you.

Luv Jen

Tania said...

Thanks G :) it's bizarre that she still needs to contact me

and no problem Jen :)

Cyndy said...

Either she likes you & not the 23yr old, or she thinks that she can dominate & rattle you....

It's your blog: pity party all you want!