Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I LOVE... pt 2

yes, I'm still all loved up

I Love.....

Allira for making the yummiest chocolate mousse, she's turning into an excellent little chef :)

I Love.......

Boo, for what she wrote about me, it made me cry at 3am this morning when I couldn't sleep

I Love.....

Left over chocolate mousse for breakfast!!

I Love.......

Weight loss!!!!
2.9kgs in the last week. And yes I can see where there might be an issue with the chocolate mousse for breakfast but, omg it's so good.

I Love....

Friends in far away places
Thank you so much to G for helping me with something, I really appreciate it :)

last for the day.....

I Love

KokoBlack hot chocolate!
It is absolutely divine, perfect, bliss, yum
happy now Ozz? lol
pity the closest one to me is in the ACT, be quicker to fly to Melbourne. I'll meet you at Maccas Ozz :P



Cyndy said...

She is lovely, isn't she?

You should publish the chocolate mousse diet, Tania. You would make a fortune!

Myst_72 said...

You are most welcome,
congratulations on your success this week :)


Jewell said...

i also read what little Boo had written...hope Bear and new little girl thinks that same about their mum in years to come...your a lucky ladies xxx

go the choc mousse

Tania said...

lol the chocolate mousse diet YUUUUUMMMM
she wanted to make it again this afternoon, lot of will power was used in letting her know, it's not a good thing 2 days in a row, so maybe tomorrow lol

Thanks G :)

Jewell how could your babies not think of you like that, you're wonderful :)