Monday, November 17, 2008

I LOVE......

I have decided that there is enough misery, so every day I am going to list things I love :)

I love.......

My Girls :)

They happily go along with my insanity!
Late Saturday night I said we were going for a walk, small complaints from Bianca, pfft.. like I care. We walked down to the Ocean Baths and jumped in, fully clothed, Bianca in her dress. It was fun! lots of laughs, lots of screams.. water was freezing. Standing on the edge, holding hands and jumping in. These are some of the good times that I wouldn't change for the world.

Bianca has her own blog FyreSpryte

I love....

Always have. Before we even met at the airport in Canada almost 10 years ago, I adored him.
No man has ever treated me the way he has. He loved the girls as though they were his own. I am eternally grateful for our chance meeting on ICQ, I still have the ring he made me out of one of those wire twist tie thingies...I wish he could be here for Christmas, I guess I'll have to wait for January... Swap hemispheres and Marry me dammit! :P

I love....

David Duchovny!
Yes he was a lusty man in The X-files and 15 years later he's still just as lusty in Californication. Last night's episode had me laughing hard!

I love....

My new found strength
I am glad I found it now, instead of still looking for it



Ozz said...

What - no hot chocolate from koko black?

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear. I love you too. And I also grateful for that chance "Hi!" you sent me on Nov. 7th 1999 :)

Mr. NY(aka Glen) D*mn, you blew my cover!!!!

Tania said...

Oops silly me, I'll do that one today :) could also add that hotel I stayed at in Melbourne, the Langham, oh how I heart the Langham :)

Hahaha you duffer, it was 1998!!