Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It hurts

have middle ear infection
who gets a middle ear infection after the age of 6, I am a multiple of 6.
So I am on the only antibiotic that I'm not allergic to
and lots of advil
whole right side of my head is aching
my throat, my eye, my ear, my scalp
I feel like shit
I'm miserable
I'm in tears
I'd go and buy myself flowers to cheer me up, but...
My car died at the chemist, my portable jump starter recharger thingo is dead too, wont recharge
and I have an ungrateful daughter, which hurts the most


Myst_72 said...

Oh ouch...poor you...

Hope it gets better soon,


River said...

Middle ear infections are commonly picked up in swimming pools. Where are you doing your swimming?

Tania said...

Thanks G :)

Hi River :) I do my swimming in the ocean baths, it gets cleaned twice a week.

I'm feeling a little better tonight, bit worried about the big lump I found behind my ear, but Dr Google said it's probably the lymph node swollen because of the infection and not a horn trying to sprout out of my head