Wednesday, April 6, 2005

WRESTLING!! I am sooooo good(looking :)

I won tickets to see WWE RAW!
I am so excited about winning, strange I'm so excited because I bought tickets to Raw two months ago, BUT I still won tickets! and I am in the draw to win a front row ringside seat!!!
I think the reason I am so happy is because my life recently has been rather crap and finally something good happened. My friend Doug called to let me know that new fm (local radio station) was giving away tickets, he'd been trying to get through to win all day, he told me that the cue to call was the sound of cheering, so I waited, heard what I hoped was cheering and I called and I got through and I won first time I tried!! I had to answer a question (Doug forgot to tell me that bit) but I knew the answer and now I have four tickets! YAY!

Poor Doug :(
Lucky me :D
Two more sleeps til wrestling!

oh and weight is the same but the cms are coming off!! clothes are much looser and I am feeling so good (looking ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wrestling??!! I think you only watch that for the men in tights.

And it is so good to hear you really feel good about yourself, and realize that you are beautiful :)