Friday, April 1, 2005

98.3! But things have changed slightly

I went to see Kate my dietitian today, and I've lost all the weight I gained plus some more :)
so that's the good news..
Bad news is that some of my blood test reults aren't so good. Before I started the diet I had to have a lot of tests, I was there for a few hours to get them all done, blood glucose tests, cholesterol, etc. So anyway, I am Insulin resistant, I have high bad cholesterol (yes there's good and bad) and my arteries are inflamed, BUT I still lost weight, so there's something good.
All of the changes I have started to make to my life are going to make the next test's reults a whole lot better, I wont be insulin resistant for much longer, my cholesterol levels are going to be perfect and my arteries are going to calm down. By changing now I am hopefully going to make my life a lot longer and my children wont turn into obese people (not that I was obese when I was younger, my parents were very good when it came to feeding us, I just went a little nuts when I was able to get to maccas without my dad driving me there (which was only once a year! see.. good parents)) It supposedly takes six weeks to break a habit, so I have three more weeks of continuing the changes and I am going to be ok :)
I'm only 32 and when Kate told me the test results my priorities changed straight away, I'm not going to die young, I wont have a heart attack, I am going to lose weight to be healthy, looking hot in a bikini next summer comes second to my health.
I'm more determined than ever to lose this weight safely.


Anonymous said...

With your attitude, I think you will surpass your goals :) And yes, your going to look hot in a bikini

Rickymac47 said...

As a friend i'm very happy to see you're making these crucial changes in your life. I think if you're concentrating on these genuinely important things, you'll be less inclined to look to the negatives in your life, and excentuate the positive!
We all have our crosses to bear, yours does seem slightly larger than most, but it's not the size of the cross that matters, it's how you deal with it. You bear your cross with more courage and guile than anyone i know. keep up the good work babe. x

T666 said...

keep going with the health foods and training and youl be stylin. theres no better way so your on the right track just stay on it. good work. peace