Friday, April 8, 2005

No more sleeps til wrestling! diet study? oh yeah!

down to 97.2 kilos (214 pounds)
Lost 3.8 kilos (8.4 pounds)

I'm excited about wrestling! very excited about seeing Edge and Christian, yummy!
My eldest daughter B and I are going together, A doesn't like wrestling so she is staying with my wonderful neighbour.
We're going out to dinner before we go to the ent centre but I'm not worried about that because I know I'll eat properly. B has been complaining about the lack of junk food, so I finally told her about the blood tests, I didn't want to tell either of my daughters about the scary results, B is a very intelligent person, but telling B that I just don't want junk food because I need to lose weight wasn't working, she would tell me that I have done so well and I should treat myself etc so I told her about the tests and she doesn't ask me for junk food now. I have told her that nothing is going to happen to me because I am making the right changes to be healthy.
I started doing Winsor Pilates WOW! I feel amazing after I do pilates, the beginner pilates only takes 20 minutes, I checked the timer on my DVD player to make sure she was telling the truth and it came up 22 minutes, so 2 minutes is her talking :)
I'm still doing my walking and core ball exercises, I'm eating well and most importantly I am staying positive! I didn't let my gain effect me. I'm a new person :)

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