Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I went walking, what did I see? nothing I was too tired!

Weight is the same... blah!
4 1/2 weeks without junk food, my poor children :) hahaha

I took my daughters to Glenrock Lagoon today, we walked and walked! Saw a rather big lizard, which was great, heard lots of birds and walked some more. It's nice walking through the bush and coming out to be greeted by a deserted beach. We had some salad sandwiches and A & B went swimming. The walk back was a bitch, it was mostly uphill and made me think that I would never ever do that walk again :)
My dad used to take us walking there when I was young, I haven't walked that track since 1988, I am so unfit. Poor B she asked me if I was going to have a heart attack, she even asked if I was having pain down my left arm! I must have looked tragic.
I wore the pedometer today, set it at 0 for the walk. I should be doing 10000 steps a day, the walk alone was 11248 steps!
B thought she would be amusing and said "Mum you should be doing this walk every day"
I didn't hurt her, I just thought about it ;)


T666 said...

Hey u goto do this walk again 100%.
You should do it once a week i think... especialy if it was a chalenge... and u should time it...
this will be an indication of your progress as much as any scale... if it was easy it wouldnt b worth doin

Tania said...

even if i die doing it? :)
I know you're right, I might do it once a month

T666 said...

i think once per week. if u leave too long, your fitness level wont build between each time and u may not get maximum benfit :) u wont die unless u get attacked on the deserted bushpath... so id take some mace with u :)

Tania said...

don't need mace, my kids are scary enough hehehe :)
I know you're right, you're always right, you're my anthony robbins ;)

Rickymac47 said...

Nothing like a lovely walk to clear the cobwebs. Your blog reminded me of my youth, summers in rangoon, louge lessons...etc.

There's lots of places here to go for walks. Namely round the shores of Loch Lomand on chrisp spring mornings when the ony sound is from your own footsteps. The loch is completely still reflecting the blue sky like a mirror.